Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo design is of utmost importance. Because a logo is the visual building block of your business, and your showcases your brand at a glace it needs to be awesome. Having a professional logo gives your company identity. An engaging logo should be the number one item on your to-do list because it makes your business memorable.

Thin and Slender
Thin And Slender

The image above is my logo I use for my www.thinandslender.com site I had it designed on Fiverr. Isn’t it darling? I use it on my site, my pins, and my digital products. As a result, my visitors recognize my pins on Pinterest and know they are mine.
First impressions are essential, we speak of that often regarding human interaction, but it’s as important in business recognition. Here a few reasons a professional logo design is imperative.

Stand out in the crowd of millions of internet users is not easy, but a great logo design and help you to be recognized quickly.

The Purpose Of A Logo

  • It gives your site, and products, a sense of unity, and that builds trust with your followers and customers.

The logo below was also designed by Fiverr for a coffee shop you can see how it identifies their brand.

Logo design for coffee shop
Cactus Coffee
  • Speaking of customers, a professional logo design helps attract new customers.
  • A professional logo makes you look, well, professional. Out on the www that’s important.
  • A good logo design helps keep your current customers engaged because it’ll help them recognize your brand. If your site and logo are professional looking and you provide great content your customers won’t go hunting for something better.

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You might be wondering what exactly makes a logo design good, better or even best. A lot goes into a drawing. It needs to be memorable, and identify with your business. If you’ve got the cutest logo on the web, but it doesn’t relate to your business, you’ve wasted a lot of time in your design.

Your logo design should be instantly recognizable; unique and different, so your visitors don’t glance at it and think it reminds them of another logo they’ve seen. There’s no mistaking what this logo represents.

Attention to Visual Detail

Logo design for cycle shop.

Your logo is your brand it should NOT be changed over and over. Once you’ve decided on a great logo, incorporate it into all your material. As a result, you’ll be branding yourself. Because of the branding and quick recognition, if you’re new on the web and don’t have a professionally designed logo, first and foremost get one now. I recommend Fiverr. Their professional designers start at just $5.00 to get you a great logo ready. Once you settle for the perfect logo the next step is easy don’t change it. It should stand the test of time. If you keep changing it, it’ll never be recognizable to an audience.

The design you decide on should be adaptable. As a result, you’ll be able to use it on your site, Pinterest pins, business cards, and digital products.

For me, a logo design needs to be affordable, and that’s why I went to Fiverr.

Blog Planner

Blog Planner

I’ve always been a list maker, so using a blog planner for focus fits perfectly into my love for list making. I can get a lot done in a day by planning ahead, and I believe my list making has made that possible.

Since deciding to start my blog, I knew I just had to have a blog planner. Some people don’t like planning because they say it cramps their style. When used properly it doesn’t cramp my style, it frees me.

Blog Planner
Blog Planner

To Start My Day

I start every day by making a to-do list using my blog planner. The first item on my list is my #1 priority item. My second item is my #2 priority item, and so on and so forth. I begin working on item #1. I’m often interrupted by a fire or an emergency of some kind. But, when that fire is out I don’t waste any time deciding what to do next. I just start right back with #1 on my list until it’s complete, then I move onto item #2.

This post contains affiliate links. They cost you nothing but could pay me a small commission if you click on a link or decide to make a purchase. Thanks for your support.

As I work my way through my list and my day using my blog planner my entire day goes much smoother and I work more efficiently getting more done. When my scheduled work day comes to an end my to-do list is almost always complete.  The focus my blog planner gives me has been a blessing and an answer to my prayers.

You can find a variety of planners that fit your specific needs. My planner contains 22 pages, some of the specific pages are listed here for your convenience.

Planner Contents

  • Advertising Planner Page and Tracker for Your Blog Posts
  • An Affiliate Tracker with Space for Login Information
  • An Annual Blog Post Page, (I converted mine to a monthly page and made 12 copies to last me all year long.)
  • Note Pages
  • A Complete Blog Post Planner Page, (Again I’ve copied this many times for planning out each of my blog posts.
  • A Blog Series Planner Page, (used if you want to run a series of related blogs.)
  • A Goals Sheet
  • Keywords and Hashtags List
  • A Post Topic Tracker
  • Stats
  • Order your blog panner here.

Earning money on Pinterest without a blog has become a very profitable and popular option for many new affiliate marketers. If you’re interested in Pinterest affiliate marketing, check out this blog post.

Affiliate Marketing Online

Learn Affiliate Marketing Online

Learn how to do affiliate marketing correctly, and you can join the ranks of those making a great living online. Online marketing exploded and has helped many people create a huge online income. As a result, they are getting out of debt and living a life of freedom, and financial security.

Online marketing works like this. You agree to work with a company like ShareASale for example to be an affiliate. You post items from the huge selection of stores they work with onto Pinterest, your blog, or website. These posts contain your affiliate link. When someone clicks on that posting or pin, and buy an item, you receive a payment.

Some companies like ShopStyleCollective pay you whenever someone “clicks” on your link, and goes to the store site even if they don’t buy an item. That’s called a pay per click program. There is an unlimited supply of companies in every niche possible who want you to become an affiliate marketer for them. Some companies require a personal blog or website, but not all of them do.

Work For Yourself

Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to work for yourself. I have friends, and family who make a fantastic living doing affiliate marketing and building online empires for themselves. As a result, they have far more flexibility than anyone working a 9 to 5 job for a company.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

I Decided To Give It A Try

I decided to try affiliate commerce. Since I was new to affiliate marketing I started from ground zero; maybe you will be too. But, every journey, as they say, starts with the first step.

What is my long-term plan? Well, I plan to replace my full-time income using affiliate marketing, and more importantly, when I retire from my regular job, I’ll still have a great income coming in. I started my journey using this free program to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

This particular program teaches you how to affiliate market using Pinterest. Perhaps the best thing at least for some people is no blog or website is required. A blog or website can be helpful in some cases allowing you to, grow that much faster.


Because you want, and need to automate your work, one important tool you’ll need for this program is Tailwind. I totally recommend this program and use it faithfully every day. As a result, it makes my marketing so much easier. It’s the number one program I use and recommend to my readers. Since I’m using Tailwind as an automatic scheduling tool, I’m not glued to my laptop scheduling for hours a day.

Using Tailwind scheduler with this affiliate marketing program, I can plan pins days, weeks and months in advance. Since I put my pins into the Tailwind scheduler tailwind takes it from there. I also use BoardBooster each of these two programs have their advantages, you can read about the benefits of each here. But, again, I’d start with Tailwind if you can afford only one.

This short course includes three informational videos. As a result, they answered many of my questions, and I think they will answer many of yours too.

The program is by Christina Root who makes thousands of dollars a month without blogging. She has since added a blog but was making that kind of money before she added the blog. Christina has given me the right to give this course to you totally free. Because she doesn’t require you to use a credit card, you can grab the course worry-free. Now that you know you won’t be tricked into buying something you don’t want. Sign in and enjoy the free training.

What You’ll Find In The Free Course

Some of the items included in this free course are:

  • Basic Marketing Introduction
  • Why You Don’t HAVE to Blog
  • How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest
  • Everything You Need to Know About Making Money on Pinterest
  • Answers to Common Questions
    • (The Questions Almost Everyone Asks)
  • And Much More

Follow this link to learn from the free training. This is a free affiliate link.

Earn Money Using Pinterest

Earn Money Using Pinterest

In this five day course on how to earn money using Pinterest, you’ll learn a lot. Here are some of the items addressed.

Earn Money Using Pinterest
Earn Money Using Pinterest
  • What to pin
    • Understanding the correct pinning strategy is key to success.
  • The affiliate programs that pay you money
    • There are many affiliate programs available, but not all of them will allow you to join without a blog, learn which plans to start with to get approved and start profiting right away.
  • Earn Money Using Pinterest
    Earn Money Using Pinterest
    How to quickly get that money into your bank account
    • Learn how the programs pay many through PayPal or writing a check for you to deposit.
  • How to make consistent sales
    • Learn what boards to pin to and how to focus on your best performing boards.
  • Programs that pay you per CLICK
    • It’s slow building momentum and creating sales at first, so a program that pays per click is an excellent place to start.
  • Programs that pay you per SALE
    • After getting your feet wet, you will want to move more of your pins to pay per sale and make higher commissions.
  • Using Canva to make custom pins
    • Creating custom pins that are unique, and catch the eye are vitally important.
      • More coming on this subject later, but you can get a free Canva account here www.canva.com it’s free (like I just said) and I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to the paid account. It’s just not necessary to purchase. Everything you need comes with your free account.

A Couple Of Necessary Tools

In my opinion, you really can’t do this without a couple of necessary tools.

Tailwind App
tailwind app

#1. Is Tailwind follow this link (it’s an affiliate link) and you’ll get a free month of tailwind plus. This app is beneficial creating income using Pinterest. Please don’t go to Tailwind and take the free trial, I did that, and I got only 100 pins. Folks, 100 pins lasted me two days, and I immediately purchased the program. A full month is a great deal, and you don’t have to upgrade when the month is over if you decide this is program is not for you. (you won’t decide that though :-))

What Tailwind Does:
  1. It allows you to pre-schedule hundreds of pins to automatically go to Pinterest scheduled as you desire. As a result, you’re not required to pin all day.
  2. Tailwind has tribes similar to Pinterest board groups which include analytics, therefore you can see the popularity of pins.
  3. Tailwind will show you your most popular pins. Consequently, you can see the number of pins from your website or blog if you have one.
  4. But the BEST THING about Tailwind for sure is the ability to pin days, weeks, or even months in advance. Imagine being able to pin for several hours at a sitting and have Tailwind take over. Hence you don’t have to pin for days, weeks, or months.

#2. Is BoardBooster (another affiliate link). The boardbooster program I’m using is $5.00 a month and well worth it to me.

What Board Booster Does:

I use board booster for a couple of things, like pinning, and maintenance. As a result, my pinning is more efficient.

The Pinning Tools: They have several, but the ones I use are scheduling and looping. The scheduling lets you create pins on a secret board, and have those pins automatically pinned to Pinterest at the proper time of year. For example Christmas Pins, Halloween Pins, etc. Using this tool, you can pin ahead, consequently, you’ll be ready for the next holiday.

The Looping Tool: I love this one too, because, it allows you to move your older pins back to the top of a board without repinning and making duplicate pins (followers don’t like that.) You can also loop on group boards that you own, keeping your pins on top of those busy and popular boards. (Both of these tools mean more affiliate income for you.)

The Long and Short of It

You can learn how to earn money using Pinterest too. I’m still using this program, and I’ve made more money doing affiliate marketing on Pinterest through this program then I have earned doing anything else thus far online.

Join here and enjoy the ride.



Free Pinterest Marketing Course

Free Pinterest Marketing Course

I’m starting here because this free Pinterest Marketing course has earned me the most money in the least amount of time.

Free Pinterest Marketing Course
Free Pinterest Marketing Course

The program is learning how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest. If you love Pinterest, (who doesn’t right?) then this might be perfect for you. This post contains affiliate links, they cost you nothing but pay me a small fee which helps pay for this blog. Thanks for your support.

It’s super easy to start this free Pinterest Marketing course, you don’t need a blog or a website. In fact, I helped my 13-year-old granddaughter get started on earning money on Pinterest, and she’s already making money. She only had two Pinterest followers when she first started back in June. She’s now up to 82 followers, and she’s earned real money she can put into her bank account. She doesn’t have a computer, so she’s doing all of her posting on her smartphone.

A Smartphone Is Not Ideal

Using a smartphone exclusively is not ideal, but if that’s what you’ve got to work with; it does work. An Ipad or a laptop will make things much easier for you, but with the smartphone, you can get a great start, and see if you enjoy making money on Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Course
Free Pinterest Marketing Course

Here’s a link (affiliate) where you can get access to the FREE starter program. Using this free starter training, you can give it a try at zero cost, and risk nothing. This is really a no-brainer if you’ve ever considered the possibility of making income online. This is your chance to give something like this a try at no cost and no obligation.

Another great thing about this program is you’ll be creating “passive income.” That means you could earn money from something you create today for years to come.

To Your Wealth,