Online Secrets

Online Secrets

Tons of Online Secrets are revealed in this “DotCom Secrets” FREE BOOK!!!! It’s jam-packed with online underground secrets, and of course, they’ll help you to increase your traffic and sales online.

Free Book!
Free Book!

We All Love Secrets Right?

I do, I love hearing secrets and sharing secrets, for that reason I’ll share a few of the secret bits of information I found in this book.

Online Secrets VS Tweaking

Looking to increase your conversions by tweaking a headline? DON’T! Read this book instead and you’ll discover online secrets on how to beat any tweak or split test you could ever hope to make yourself… – pg. xv

How I made one simple phone call to a 1-800 number in my local paper, and as a result, it has generated me MILLIONS of dollars in cash… and led to my single greatest obsession in life… pg. 3

The 5 major OLD MEDIA transitions that have made making money online EASIER. FASTER. AND BETTER THAN EVER! PLUS: More online secrets. Discover my ‘secret’ 5 pronged approaches to selling more with NEW MEDIA outlets for much less money than you’ve ever spent on traditional marketing… – pg. 5 [Fig 0.3]

Highlighting Online Secrets

I highlighted something valuable to use in my online marketing on almost every single page. I almost jumped onto Amazon and just downloaded this on my Kindle. BUT, BUT, BUT…. don’t do that! I’m so glad I didn’t! I carry this book with me wherever I go. Except for in the shower, HAHA, and I’ve got it so marked up with highlighter markings it’s crazy!
Online Secrets
Online Secrets

Here’s a picture of the book just so you can get a visual of it in your mind.

Seriously I’ve never seen quality content like this before and free is simply CRAZY!

Russell is being extremely generous in sharing his selling secrets for free, and I’m so glad to have my hands on his book.

This will be the most valuable read you do all year, and I’ll promise you that. Follow this link and get your copy coming to your address today. The sooner you get it in your hands the faster your online income will jump higher than you’ve ever imagined possible.

To Your Success,




Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic

Is Internet traffic important to your online business? Yeah, that’s a ridiculous question, but it does it your attention doesn’t it. No business can survive without traffic.


It doesn’t matter if you own a brick and mortar business or an online business like many people today. Either business model needs traffic to survive.

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4% Group

By using Internet Traffic Mastery from the 4% group I’ve learned a whole new world of traffic generation. Take a few minutes to listen to this video, it’ll help you in all aspects of your business generation.

Traffic for the Brick and Mortar Business

When a brick and mortar business is planning on opening the doors, a high traffic area is one of the first things they study before deciding on a location. They weigh the costs of a particular location against the amount of traffic in the area. But, we’re not talking brick and mortar today.

How to Get Internet Traffic Online

There’s so much to learn about internet traffic. And, without it, your business will fail. So it’s vitally important you understand the kinds of internet traffic and how to get it to your site.

Kinds of Internet Traffic

We can’t begin the list all the kinds of internet traffic here. Also if we did you’d get overwhelmed with the choices. So, we’ll pick a few important places to start to generate some good quality traffic to your site.

  • Influencer Traffic
  • Retargeting Traffic
  • Pinterest and Pinterest Group Boards
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Influencer Internet Traffic

This traffic comes from the major influencers on the internet who are in the same space as your product or site. For example; if you’ve got a “Low Carb” or “Keto” product you’d be looking for the not notch people in that field.

Ask them if you can guest post on their blog, then request to put your link in the post as part of the arrangement.

Retargeting Traffic

Have you ever noticed that when you look up a product, a dress or a car for example; that suddenly you see that dress or car popping up all over the internet as you are surfing. That isn’t by coincidence. That is called retargeting traffic.

Pinterest and Pinterest Group Boards for Internet Traffic

Pinterest has helped blogs big and small gain an enormous amount of internet traffic over the last few years. Many bloggers report that 70% or more of their traffic is due to Pinterest. If you don’t have a large following on Pinterest to help drive traffic, then you can look for group boards to join. Often people with large followings will have large group boards which can help you get traffic quickly to your site.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

These are social media sites as is Pinterest. If you don’t have a strong social media presence, you can purchase paid ads on these sites. But, before you invest in paid advertising I highly recommend you watch this video from the 4% group. 

They’re an awesome group. We are each working toward our goals of prosperity. Enjoy!


What Are You Planting

What Are You Planting

What are you planting? Success, failure or nothing?

I love this story from Earl Nightingale. In his talk entitled “The Strangest Secret,” he compares the human mind to that of a farmers land.

Four Percent Group
Four Percent Group

“Now the land,” he says “like the mind doesn’t care what you plant, but it must return to you what you plant.” He goes on to tell how many times the bible says that too, “you shall reap what you sow.”

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Listen to his story here:

Earl Nightingale
Earl Nightingale

Earl is renowned in his field and talks about how philosophers disagree on so many subjects, EXCEPT this one. They all agree with him that you get what you think about, your thoughts guide your life. The question is this: What are you planting?

Success or Failure What are You Planting

Why do you get up in the morning and do what you do? Are you in the business of trading your time for money? And, are you punching a clock with no hope of significantly increasing your income?

Are you just going to work and going through the motions, living paycheck to paycheck? Are you just conforming to society?

What is your plan for the future? Are you going to live in poverty in retirement, and depend on someone else financially?

Are You Part of the 96%

96% of the people in the world earn only 4% of all the money. And, 4% of all people in the world make the balance of 96% of the money. Which group are you in? And, which group do you want to be in?

What Are You Planting?

This 4% program is available to you for the ridiculous price of $1.00. You can use this for seven days. Once you’re in learn all you can, give this program EVERYTHING you’ve got.

Plant Success
Plant Success

Mark each day off on your calendar, and think about what you’re planting in your mind. Then make the best decision of your life and decide to continue with the program.

Become one of the 4% earning 96% of the money in the world.