Email Marketing

Email Marketing

A Powerful Market Strategy

Email marketing is powerful, and you should be using it. If you do your marketing correctly, you’ll  create a close relationship with your readers. It is the most cost-effective marketing available, and it’s the easiest way to connect with new and current customers.


Getting the Sign-Up

Get sign-ups by offering your readers something of value for free. The internet is full of free content. Consequently, you must provide awesome free content full of VALUE to your readers or they will leave your site quickly, and go elsewhere.

The best freebies are those that your readers receive immediately after sign-up from your email autoresponder. We are living in a world of instant gratification, and when you have a reader interested in your subject matter; they want the information you are offering right now, not tomorrow or next week. Luckily for you, an email autoresponder can delivery your information to your readers immediately. Some great offers for you to give away are:

  1. Tips and Tricks on your subject matter.
  2. If you’ve written a class or ebook, offer them a piece of that product, if it’s a good value, they will be interested in the full product too.
  3. A contest where your reader has the chance of winning something.

Follow other bloggers in your genre in order to get ideas from them on how they are capturing their email marketing list.

Using Email Marketing Beyond the Capture

Since email marketing is inexpensive and extremely valuable, and the best program for you is one that will offer you a full-line of services. Programs should capture your customers’ emails, and send autoresponders. Most programs offer those services, but not very often will you find the complete marketing package like that offered by GetResponse.

They offer:

  1. Email Marketing with Autoresponders
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Webinars
  4. CRM
  5. Marketing Automation and More

The email package from GetResponse offers an all-in-one online marketing platform. Because it’s a complete package it will help you quickly and professionally grow your business.

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GetResponse Email Marketing

GetResponse offers a variety of marketing tools.  Webinars, landing pages, and marketing automation, all professionally done. Each one is prepared for you.  Therefore for you can begin capturing and marketing to your customers today. Their complete package creates a marketing giant for your business an all in one place. There is no need to invest in three or four programs because they offer one impressive package.

Thin And Slender
Thin And Slender

Create Irresistible Emails

If you feel like you lack the necessary creative juices, GetResponse is perfect for you. Because of their almost unlimited design package, you’ll never find yourself scratching your head for innovative and exciting ideas. Since there are techy people and others less techy, you’ve got two options for working with the program. If you’re in the techy class you’re welcome to use HTML. Someone more like me is going to be thrilled with the drag and drop option.

They offer over 500 very cool predesigned templates. Predesigned options make it easy for you since they can be used as they are. Or you can tweak them because maybe you got something else in mind.

GetResponse offers over 1,000 free iStock images. With such a large selection, you’ll always be able to create fresh and engaging content. This content gives your work a professional look and feel. Consequently, you’ll get a better response.

Here are a couple of additional sites offering free images you can use in your email marketing. Additionally, you can place these images on your web pages and Pinterest Pins.  Stock photography from Ivory Mix; PicMonkey, and Pexels; and Dreamstime.

Using Dynamic Content

Using dynamic content in your email marketing is highly recommended. Dynamic content is the content in your emails that changes based on who is reading your email. For example, integrate your customers’ name into your emails. When Jane reads her email it contains her name, Jane. When Matthew reads his email, it contains his name.

You can also capture their birthdays, anniversaries, learn their hobbies, etc. Use this dynamic information by contacting them on their birthdays and anniversaries to up the engaging game. Because using a personal touch like this builds trust, you’ll build a close and beneficial relationship with your list. Therefore they are more likely to buy from you than someone else.

Stumped on Where to Start

If you’re not sure how to start writing your email, what to say, or how to say it this ultimate email marketing template pack is a fantastic resource. It’s been created my Meera Kothand. It includes word-for-word scripts, tested and proven email templates and optimized email subject lines. As a result, you’ll  boost more sales and engage your customers in less time.

Everything you need for email marketing is in these fantastic packages. GetReponse offers a comprehensive marketing solution and for that reason, you would benefit from working with them.  Meera’s template package goes one more step giving you actual scripts. As a result, these plans work together very well. Check out the free trial period from GetResponse because, with no commitment, you’ve got nothing to lose. Then jump over to Meera’s template pack and review her offer.