Our Mission: To help foundations earn residual monthly funding.

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Free Funding by Using & Sharing on Social Media

  • Sign up your organization for free.
  • Raise free money or your cause, while helping others earn extra income too.
  • Everyone is welcome to build extra income, a side hustle, or work to create a full-time six figure income.

We Provide Tools for Your Success

Once you join Webtalk, you can depend on me for full support. I will provide you up with tools, landing pages and resources for a successful fundraising campaign. And I’ll continue to support and marketing ideas as long as you want.

  • Webtalk Landing Pages
  • Pre-Designed Webtalk Marketing materials
  • Back office support
    • Track your sponsored group members on all qualified levels
    • Training videos on YouTube and Vimeo to answer all your questions and give you full guidance
    • Banners provided to add to email or your organizations website

We Offer Solution-Oriented Fundraising

  • New donors join organically because this platform is social and viral
  • Donors stay engaged because they can earn cash also
  • Our funding source is FREE to join and FREE to earn. For a full-fledged fundraising campaign, it’s only $200 for a full 12 months of earning
  • The entire campaign is a social online platform
  • NO COVID restrictions to hinder your non-profit fundraising earnings

Additional Funding Benefits

  • There are 4 ways to earn free using the free or full-fledged campaign
  • Income potential is unlimited
  • Your donors can join FREE and still help you earn cash, while they earn too. The platform is open to businesses and individuals as well as non-profits
  • NO credit card fees to reduce your revenue
  • Every for-profit site on the internet has calculated a dollar value for each user. The estimated dollar value per active user you invite to Webtalk is estimated at $1 per month, back to you. How many FREE users can you invite? 500? 1,000?
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Partial Client List

Overberg Game Changer Foundation
Cooline Team Foundation
We Are Their Voices
Doreen Katz Foundation
Bet On Better
Action Love International