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Renie Rutten

Affiliate marketing is exciting and fun.

I enjoy teaching and doing affiliate marketing myself.

“when you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel like work!”

My passion is coaching others, in contrast to my beliefs, as I never imagined myself as a teacher until I started teaching spreadsheets to friends.

I had a ton of fun. And, as a result, I was asked to teach continuing education classes for a local college. I taught night classes, and I fell in love with teaching.

Education is Your Bridge to Success
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I’m from a huge family of fifteen children. (Yes you read that correctly, fifteen children.) As a young schoolgirl, I often wondered why some kids always had the best of everything.

Getting to Know Renie

They had better clothes, better Valentine boxes, and received better Santa gifts. The tooth fairy always brought them dollars, and in contrast, I got two pennies slipped under the wrapper of a single piece of Juicy Fruit Gum.

It wasn’t until much later in life when I attended a conference and had the joy of listening to Zig Ziglar and others in person that I began to understand why.

My husband Ron and I in warm Arizona During the Cold Nebraska Winter

My Family’s Successes and Failures

Here’s what I learned about why other kids had better things.

My parents worked hard and were faithful Christians. As an illustration, on a daily basis, they thought about and prayed they’d have “enough.”

Enough to feed and clothe us kids. Enough to get by, and enough to survive. In fact, they were successful. As a result of their focus, they managed what they asked for, exactly what they prayed for each day.

But for me, I always imagined bigger and better things, and you can do that too.

Where to Begin “Paradigms”

Your thoughts or the Paradigms you live by were learned when you were a very small child. They were absorbed into your mind before you were seven or eight years old. Before you could think, and before your brain could reason.

Your Paradigms are NOT EVEN YOUR’S! However, you are lucky because you can reprogram your paradigms to benefit you.

Anything you can create a belief about, you can achieve.

Free Resources, Tips & Tricks

Teaching others the tricks of the trade through the FourPercent is my favorite part of this venture. Because, seeing someone I’m helping, make their first sale is above all the most thrilling.

Affiliate marketing is how I’ve created a steady recurring monthly income. I’m from small-town Nebraska. I was born and raised here and love the small-town life. Some people would say I live in the middle of nowhere. But, that proves that no matter where you live you can create financial success online.

I love being here, online I mean, and because of it, I’ve met some outstanding people. We enjoy having a great time working as entrepreneurs online.

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to register so you don’t miss any freebies.

Renie Rutten