Change Your Life

Change Your Life

Change Your Life

Change your life for the better by doing these three steps. As I listened to Bob Proctor today, he offered these three steps anyone can use to improve their lives.

These steps should be, according to Bob every single day for one year. I’ve discovered an enormous change in only a matter of days. However, I intend to continue for one year and document the changes as I go.

The Steps

#1. Think of ten things you’re grateful for and write them down.

#2. Send love to three people you’ve had difficulty with in the past.

#3. Spend five minutes each day in a quiet state and listen. Listen to the quiet and hear your higher spirit’s direction for you.

You’ll be amazed how quickly doing these things will change your life.

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This Is A Big Deal

Take this seriously get up before everyone else in the house or stay up late after they’ve gone to bed. Sneak into the bathroom where you won’t be disturbed. I don’t care where or how you do this but do it.



Gratefulness is said to be the fastest way to open up yourself and your life for receiving. I’m an excellent giver, but I’m a terrible receiver. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same emotion.

To be a good giver, you must also be a good receiver. If you’re not a good receiver, then you won’t receive. Think about that. When someone compliments you, never belittle yourself. Simply say THANK YOU! And, get comfortable with receiving.

Sending Love

When you send love to other’s, you are releasing negativity and opening up a space to receive. Think of it this way, the chair you’re sitting in is taking up space, you can’t put anything else in that space until the chair is gone.

When you give love to someone you’re struggling with, you move hate, and anger away and make room for love and joy! Make space for the good things you want in your life.

Quiet Time

According to statistics, some 95% of people believe in some higher power. Now, people around the globe have different names for this higher power, but they do believe. When you spend quiet time, you open your mind and body to receive and communicate with your higher power.

You also are exercising your mind, making it function. The more you do that; you’ll find more, and more ideas will come to you. The more you use it, the more you’ll have to use.

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