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What do you think about? Getting by, or success?

I Always Questioned Why

As a young school girl, I often wondered why some kids always had the best of everything.

They had better clothes, better Valentine boxes, and received better Santa gifts. The tooth fairy always brought them dollars, and I got two pennies slipped under the wrapper of a piece of Juicy Fruit.

It wasn't until much later in life when I attended a conference and had the joy of listening to Zig Ziglar and others in person that I began to understand why.

We get what we believe we can get. Here's the secret, the thoughts we think become our beliefs. If you can change your thoughts and beliefs you can change anything.

I'm from a very large family of fifteen children. My parents worked hard and were faithful Christians. On a daily basis, they thought about and prayed they'd have ``enough`` to get by.

Enough to feed and clothe us kids, and they were successful. They managed just what they could imagine.

I always imagined bigger and better things and you can too.

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Generate Your Wealth

My name is Renie Rutten. I’m married to a wonderful man Ron. We have four children and three grandchildren.

Life is good, but it’s not always been so good. At a very low point in my life I found myself alone raising two small children.

There were times I didn’t have enough money to buy a gallon of milk. I decided then that I would build my own wealth, and never be in that place again.

I was fortunate enough to find this FourPercent challenge. My mentor Vic created this program and has been internet marketing for over fourteen years. His mission is to teach anyone who has the desire to improve their lives exactly how to do that.

I literally watched over his shoulder and you can too. He shows step by step instructions on exactly how to generate wealth.

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