Affiliate Marketing Misconceptions

Affiliate Marketing Misconceptions

Renie Rutten
Renie Rutten

Affiliate marketing misconceptions are just that, misconceptions. People with a lack of knowledge about affiliate marketing sometimes say it’s not a “real” job. And as a result that scares some people off.

Affiliate Marketing Misconceptions

This isn’t true, however, I do believe, that this misunderstanding is dissipating in the online world.

When someone speaks of a job as real, they are most certainly referring to working for someone  else. In that sense, online or affiliate marketing isn’t a real job.

If you’re working by the hour, you’re trading your time for money. You go to work at 8:00 and leave at 5:00. As a result, you’re paid for the time you’re at work.

There’s nothing wrong with working for someone else. However keep in mind, if you work an eight hour day in your job, your income is limited to your eight hour day.

If you’re running an online business you have unlimited income potential.

Affiliate Marketing Explained

Simply stated, affiliate marketing is sending traffic to a product. If you make a sale, then you earn a commission. With two-tier affiliate marketing, your profits can grow quickly because you have a team working for you.

Another affiliate marketing misconception is that you can’t make a good income. Again, this myth is being shattered by those making thousands of dollars a month online.

For me, the fantastic benefit of creating an affiliate marketing business is the potential to earn money all day long. With this in mind, stop and, think about it for a few minutes.

Imagine earning money 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Envision income in retirement that doesn’t stop. In contrast, when you’re trading hours for dollars or working for someone else your income ends when you retire.

Some employees who work for a paycheck, and receive vacation pay and other benefits. But many, many others do not receive benefits at all.

When you do online marketing for a living you have freedom. You don’t need to ask for a day off and wait for permission. No, in contrast, can vacation, and travel all you want. And your income continues to flow into your bank account. In like manner, as more and more of your links propagate the internet, your income increases.

If you’re interested in working online, I wouldn’t be concerned with the affiliate marketing misconceptions. Instead, follow your dreams of entrepreneurship. Have the courage to generate your wealth.

Tools of the Trade

Training for online marketing is a MUST. There are necessary tools for this business as there are for all businesses.

  • farmer needs tractors, planters and a way to harvest his crops.
  • A dentist needs an office, drills and cleaning tools.
  • A retail store owner needs a building, and inventory to sell.
  • Correspondingly, an affiliate marketer needs tools too, and many have the affiliate marketing misconception that they don’t need any tools. Rather jump in and make a ton of money.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Here are the minimum tools needed to run an affiliate marketing business. This is the bare minimum, if you can’t afford these tools now, wait until you can.

  • Landing Page
  • Autoresponder
  • Tracking Software
  • Something to promote

Landing pages, leadpages, or sales pages are the same thing. They are a simple page that explains free information about your offer. In the hope that they will give you an email address.

As a result, the prospect does give you their contact information, and you give them free information in return. This free information could be a video or a free download for example. In reality, it’s more detailed information on your offer.

The autoresponder is an email program. It receives the contact information that your prospect just put into your landing page. Then, the autoresponder sends an email sequence to your prospect.

We use tracking software in advertising. Each ad you place has a different tracking code. Using tracking codes you can see accurately which of your ads are earning you money and which are not.

Something to promote. As an affiliate marketer you sell other peoples products. Therefore, you need to find a company whose products you want to promote.


Here’s another affiliate marketing misconception. You can run a business without training.

Don’t try affiliate marketing without proper training. And, without the necessary tools.

Without proper training and guidance, you’ll spend a fortune and create zero income. I recommend the following educational series for someone serious about building an online affiliate marketing businessClick Here!

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