affiliate marketing for profit

Affiliate Marketing For Profit

Affiliate marketing for profit is something you can do from almost anywhere in the world. You can work part-time, full-time, or make it a side hustle, but before you jump into it, you need to understand the difference between the programs offered.

Work from Anywhere.

Clickbank is a company that provides digital products. With this in mind, the products are the creation of ordinary people who place them with Clickbank.

Many new to the online landscape will start with Clickbank when starting affiliate marketing for profit. It’s easy to be accepted as an affiliate with them.

Clickbank acts as a third party handling the transactions between the affiliate (you) and the creator of the product, but they are not the quality control police. Be cautious the products you promote are quality.

Affiliate Marketing for Profit

Here Are The Steps

  1. Jack Jones, the creator, writes a program on Yoga. He places it with Clickbank at a price of $50. Jack Jones offers a 50% commission to anyone who sells his Yoga Product.
  2.  Clickbank takes care of handling the transaction. They give you an affiliate link for the Yoga program, and when you sell one, they pay you your share and pay Jack Jones his share, and of course, they get a cut too.
  3. JVZoo works the same way as Clickbank in terms of affiliate marketing for profit.
  4. The model these two companies use is widespread in the industry, it’s could be called the “ONE  AND DONE,” model. This term refers to the fact that once you sell the first initial product, you’re done earning commissions. You make no more commission, and you need to start over looking for another new customer. 

I started out doing the one and done model. Not for any reason other than I simply didn’t know any different and jumped in with both feet. I didn’t make a profit with this model and most people who start affiliate marketing fail because they are using this model.

My Affiliate Markeing Model

Here’s the list of things you should look for when you decided to start affiliate marketing for profit. You’ll find them in only a few excellent companies who offer an affiliate program. Each item listed is equally important.

Work From Anywhere!
  1. A high-quality company that pays an excellent commission
    1. You want your efforts to pay hundreds of dollars, not just a dollar or two.
  2. Insist on a company that has multiple streams of income, when considering affiliate profits.
  3. Look for a company that offers excellent training
  4. You need a company that offers long-term cookies, Cookies or affiliate links that last a lifetime are superior. 
  5. You should insist on a company that has multiple streams of income, and not just one. I said that already, but I thought it was worth repeating. Think about this one seriously.

Getting Approved

Apply and get approved to promote a company you believe is quality and will offer value to your customers. Most companies have a link to their affiliate application page at the bottom of their home page.

Once a company accepts you as an affiliate to promote their products, scan their website for products you love and want to share. Share the product on your blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any social media outlet. As people click on your link and make a purchase, you earn commissions or your affiliate profits.

Pretty easy and straightforward, and if you’ve done your homework, you could be making some massive profits in a short period.

My All-Time Favorite

The FourPercent is the cream of the crop. They check all the boxes or requirements of what I look for, and in addition, they are an excellent company. A comprehensive training program for affiliate marketers is offered by the company. Millionaires are emerging from following their program. As of this writing, over 200,00 people are going through this fantastic training and changing their lives and financial status for the better. Check it out here by following this link, click here.

Affiliate marketing of business products is my favorite, and it pays high dividends. I mainly promote for two business companies.

The FourPercent Group and in like manner, ClickFunnels. I feel that they both offer great products and in fact, I use products from both of these companies regularly.

A Personal Decision

I’ve made a personal decision that I will only promote business products that I own and use. I follow this rule strictly. By doing this, I’m always proud to look people in the eye and tell them what I do when they ask.

By selling business products, your affiliate profits are much higher. It doesn’t cost any more to promote a $500 product than a $50 product, and you don’t need as many sales to make your goals when you’re earning commissions on $500 vs. $50.

Think about that statement. When I first started affiliate marketing for profit I was so excited to earn a few cents. However, at this time my focus is on higher commission items.

ClickFunnels is a must for businesses, large and small and it’s an excellent company to work with starting your new affiliate business. You can begin promoting for ClickFunnels at no cost. Following their free training program, ClickFunnels will teach you how to earn a substantial income working from home! They even offer free training on how you earn your dream car.

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