Affiliate Marketing Training

The FourPercent Challenge

Our top product is “The Challenge,” an affiliate marketing training course. The challenge is designed to teach even beginners how to make money online.

Having to create a product, is what causes so many people to give up their online dream. But, this program teaches you how to build an outstanding income doing affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means you’re selling other peoples products.

Affiliate Marketing Training

The FourPercent Ecosystem

Once you begin the affiliate marketing training which is a small $49 fee, you’ll find an entire ecosystem of products that offer you multiple streams of income by promoting a single link.

The wealthiest people in the world have two similar characteristics.

  • They have created more than one stream of income.
  • And, they are entrepreneurs. Self-made millionaires, they don’t work for someone else.

Commissions from Affiliate Marketing

Commissions are the payment or compensation you earn from selling products. Being that some companies pay commissions it’s imparative you know what they are. For example some pay of 3% to 7% commissions. Other companies pay commissions much higher. There are affiliate products within the affiliate marketing training course which pays commissions of 40%.

When deciding which companies you will affiliate market for, be sure to evaluate their commission schedule.

affiliate marketing training

Lifetime Tracking Codes or Cookies

All companies use an affiliate tracking system, this is how you get paid. But, when researching which companies you want to promote, you need to consider the lifetime of your cookies.

Amazon for example has a very short lifetime of 24 hours for their cookies. Other companies have a longer lifespan of varying lengths. Some up to 90 days, but the FourPercent has lifetime cookies.

A lifetime cookie means that once you send a customer to the affiliate marketing training or any of their products, you will always be the only person who gets commissions on that customer. If the customer returns within a few days or years you receive the commissions for their purchases.


Here’s a recap of items to consider before deciding which affiliate program to promote.

  • Quality company, highly respected.
  • Does the company offer excellent products?
  • Is the training laid out in simple easy to understand terms?
  • Learn the lifespan of your cookies.
  • Understand the MSI’s and the ecosystems they offer.
  • Are payouts made every few weeks, or only once a month?

Join Us and Take our Affiliate Marketing Training

We’d love to have you join us in the FourPercent Challenge. We’ll teach you with a step by step video guide on exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

Using the videos is super simple, you can pause them and back them up. You can rewatch them over and over. I like to have the videos open on one tab; then use another tab to complete the lesson plan.

Doing this I can move back and forth between the video training and the tasks at hand. Give it a try and see for yourself, it’ll be the best decision of your life.

To Your Success,