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Affiliate Products Offer Three Levels of Income

Multiple Income Buckets Offer Different Income Levels

Products and programs are not all created equal. For this reason, you need to understand the profit potential of each one. There are three levels of products to promote and each one offers different benefits. In like manner, they each offer challenges too.

affiliate products

Our bucket list of affiliate products and programs.

  • Low Ticket Items
  • Monthly Memberships
  • High Ticket Items

Low Ticket Items

The Left Bucket

Affilite income low ticket items are items under $97. The largest benefit of promoting lower tickets items is the low price point. Therefore, making it easier to make initial sales. Especially, to new clients who don’t know you well.

On the negative side, lower ticket items make it more difficult for you to reach higher income goals for yourself and as a result, it takes much longer to build financial freedom.

If your monthly income target is $10K, and you’re selling lower ticket items, review the example as can be seen here regarding your sales goals.

  • A $10 commission divided into A $10K sales goal, means you’ll need to sell 1,000 items each month to reach your income goal.
  • Likewise, a $25 commission divided into $10K of sales means you’ll need to sell 400 items each month
  • Now, as an illustration, let’s move onto higher ticket items.

High Ticket Items

The Right Bucket

High ticket affiliate marketing is promoting those products over $97. On the positive side, it doesn’t take as many sales to reach your goals with these higher ticket items. But, on the flip side, it takes a longer time to build a relationship with your customer, so they have enough confidence in you to purchase a higher ticket item.

Now let’s look at your income goals assuming you’re selling higher ticket items. A common commission on higher ticket item is $1,000; see below.

  • $1,000 commission divided into $10K means you’ll need to sell only 10 items each month to reach your income goal.
  • A $2,000 commission item and you’d need to sell only 5 items.
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Quite a difference in conversion numbers needed to meet your monthly income. But again, you must consider both, the benefits and the points on the negative side as well.

Monthly Memberships

Affiliate products

The Middle Bucket

Finally, let’s take a look at the middle bucket. Monthly Memberships. Monthly memberships are most often lower ticket items under $97, meaning your commissions will only be around $40 a month. Up until the present time, it may have appeared we were steering you away from these lower ticket items. But, consider this, your commission is $40 a month recurring. Multiply your $40 commission x 12 months a year for a total of $480 dollars a year.

This seemingly small ticket item, has just morphed into a higher ticket item. You’ve made one sale and it will continue to bring you $480 a year without you doing another thing. It goes without saying of course that income will cease if your customer drops the subscription.

Assuming you’re marketing a valuable and in high demand product your potential of earning that $480 a year for many, many years is very high. You’ve done the work once, and you reap the benefits of passive income for many years.

Consider the possibility of having 100 monthly memberships at $40 a piece. That would bring you an income of $4,000 a month and $48,000 a year. This calculation makes monthly memberships a serious option even though the individual sales are considered low end.

Which Affiliate Product to Choose?

It’s a lot to consider, but what if you could have the benefits of all three? Can you imagine what your income goals would like the then?

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