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Dotcom Secrets Review

My Dotcom Secrets review. Have you heard of the book Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson? As a result of his passion for junk mail and marketing, he found his career. At the age of 14, he was a junk mail junkie, and this continued until he figured out how to make a living from his passion.

As a result of his online experice, Russell wrote the book Dotcom secrets and exposed underground marketing secrets. Marketing secrets there were previously hidden from ordinary people like us. Until now.

Part 1 –  Explains “Value Ladders and Sales Funnels”

Part 1 of Dotcom Secrets my Review

For the purpose of complete understanding, Russell starts with explaining the basics.

  • The Secret Formula
  • The Value Ladder
  • From a Ladder to A Funnel
  • How to Find Your Dream Customers – (I loved this exercise!)Traffic – The Three Different Types
dotcom secrets review
My New Book Arrived

Russell is a master at creating value ladders, to say nothing of his willingness to share his knowledge. As a matter of fact, in his Dotcom secrets book he shares underground secrets as he explains how to use sales funnels to exponentially increase your sales.

My largest battle wasn’t getting traffic; anyone can get traffic with quality solo ads. But what I couldn’t do was convert enough visitors into buyers to make the purchased traffic worth the investment. Dotcom Secrets changed that. Here’s why for example let’s say you pay $1.00 for a visitor and earn $2.00 for that visitor, given that, you could spend that dollar all day long! Right? Right!

The book is laid out in five fantastic sections. Russell also includes stick drawings to give you a visual of each topic as he discusses the details and the reason behind his teachings.

Part 2 – Russell Reviews “Your Communication Funnel”

Your attractive character and your email sequence.

Additionally, in this part of the book, Russell namely focuses on your attractive character and your email sequence in the part of the Dotcom Secrets Book.

Part 2 Dotcom Secrets Review

  • The Attractive Character – (Can you picture one already?)
  • The Soap Opera Sequence
  • Daily Seinfeld Email Sequence

If you don’t know who or what an attractive character is, picture Jared the Subway guy! With this in mind, you can begin to understand the attractive character idea.

Part 3 –  The “Science” Behind Leading Your Customers Through A Funnel

Here Russell explains the parts of a sales funnel and how to repeat a successful process.

Part 3 Dotcom Secrets Review

This is one of my favorite parts. For one thing, he explains all the parts in detail. It’s important to realize that these theories are tried and test, and as a result of that, he knows they work well.

The Sales Funnel (Repeat – Repeat!)

  • Reverse Engineering
  • The Phases of a Funnel
  • Building Blocks of a Funnel
  • Funnels Frontend V/S Backend
  • Bait

“Russell has spent over a decade successfully starting and scaling companies online.  In the light of this, his book takes the best of what he’s discovered from over 1,000 unique split tests, hundreds of millions of visitors all broken down into a simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversions, and sales online.”

“Ultimately, the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer, wins.”

Part 4 – Funnels and Funnel Scripts (Scripts are the text!)

Part 4 Dotcom Secrets Review

Russell explains the Front End Funnel, Middle Funnels, and the Backend Funnel

(I bet you didn’t know there were this many options!)

In due time, that’s how view this section of the book. Why? Because he explains how to add interest and value so your customer is hungry for what you have to offer.

80% of the purchases we make are based on emotion. For example, you’re looking for a car, now pretty much any car will get you where you’re going. As an illustration, a Kia will take you where you want to go. However, people will spend much more on a Lexus or a Ferrari. Why? Emotion!

  1. The Front End Funnels
    1. Two Step – How to Offer Free Plus Shipping
    2. Self Liquidating
    3. Continuity
  2. And the Middle-Value Ladder Funnel
    1. The Perfect Webinar
    2. Investible Funnel Webinar
    3. Product Launch
  3. Backend Funnel
    1. High-Ticket (Your ultimate goal!)
    2. Three-Step Application

Part 5 – ClickFunnels

Conclusion – Ignite