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Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services offer a solution to traffic woes. Not all that long ago getting highly targeted traffic from a variety of sources was a pretty easy task. But marketing online has undergone some massive changes and massive growth.

The completion is intense and purchasing keywords on the search engines can cost you a small fortune.

email marketing services
Fast Targeted Traffic

The Solution

The solution I think is fantastic is to buy solo ads traffic from email marketing services, using other people’s lists.

When you buy solo ads traffic, you’re purchasing a solo ad from someone else. You are not purchasing a mailing list, but rather an ad. You will be placing an ad with someone who uses their own list, to direct leads to your landing page. When you direct people to your landing page, you can capture their email addresses for future marketing.

email marketing services
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Typically, a list should bring you $1.00 a month in revenue for each person on your list. As a matter of fact, by leveraging your list generated from solo ad sellers and sending them to your affiliate links, you can potentially see that $1.00 a month, or more.

In the event that you keep purchasing a steady flow of ads from reputable email marketing services and your list will fill up with ready buyers. Buyers who choose to opt-in to your list to find out about your offers. Once you have a responsive list, you could trade solo ads with other sellers and get new leads at no cost.

It’s Super Easy

Buying solo ads traffic is super easy. All you have to do is set up an account, pick a seller and place your ad.

There’s not a difficult learning curve to use email marketing services and consequently you can get your ad running, get customers going to your offer and be building an email list through your landing page within hours.

I use Udimi for my email marketing services and search for sellers with at least 30% sales history for your email marketing. This way I’m assured they’re a reputable seller. I track all my ads with ClickMagick so I can learn which sellers are best for my offers.

Udimi sellers also offer a variety of niches, price levels and purchasing levels, so with even a small budget you can get started easily.

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You Only Pay for Clicks

With many forms of advertising, you’ll be paying per view or impression. Potentially you could pay for 1M impressions and not get a single click through to your site. When you buy solo ads, through email marketing services, you’re paying only for the clicks that track back to your site, making it cheap email marketing. You’re not losing an opportunity, because you are paying just for clicks.

Solo ad traffic is far more targeted and far more likely to buy once they see your ad. A good solo ad seller will not accept an ad that is not in his niche. To demonstrate, if you’re selling a weight loss product a good ad seller from an email marketing center in the make money niche would not accept your request to buy.

This of course means solo ads through email marketing services are niche specific and will drive targeted traffic directly to your site with hours.


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How to Use Your List

Give your list, quality content for two or three emails, then send an email with an offer.

A point often overlooked, is you need to nurture your email list. A cycle that looks something like this is a great way to do that and with this intention, you’ll transform those email addresses from your solo ads into a responsive list that trusts you and looks forward to hearing from you.

Email Marketing Schedule

Day 1. Send an initial Welcome email with a reminder of the original offer that they responded to when giving you their email.

Day 2. Another reminder of the original offer if they haven’t purchased already but do so casually.

Day 3. Value Email no offer or affiliate links.

Day 4. Value Email no offer or affiliate links.

Day 5. And, again another value Email no offer or affiliate links.

Day 6. Finally, day six send another offer.

Day 7. Value

Day 8. Value

Day 9. Value

Day 10. Offer.

Follow this schedule to nurture your new email list. Let your list get to know you as a person.

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Blog or Website

You don’t have to use a blog or website, to communicate with the email list you’ve built from solo ads. However, it is helpful. The profit from your list comes from keeping the traffic from your list engaged. It also gives you the opportunity to drive them back to your site where you have other offers going on.

If you don’t have a blog, it’s important to realize you can utilize FB, or YouTube and other social media options to get yourself in front of the list you’ve grown through your email marketing service.  You can also use these platforms to offer your links to them.

However, be careful and be sure to follow the rules. Some sites do allow affiliate links, so you would have to use a custom domain. If you don’t follow the rules of each site, your email marketing to your list from your solo ads will fail.

I have this blog, but I also use ClickFunnels with a custom domain as my lead capture tool. My autoresponder is connected to my ad from my email marketing service and my leads go directly to my list. Notably, without my lead capture page, I wouldn’t have an email list like I’ve been able to accumulate.

More on the Value Emails

About the “value” emails. Include value to your list from your solo ads traffic, but also link back to your blog, website, Facebook, or YouTube channel. This way you, are having the opportunity to sell without selling.

To sum up, your email marketing list from solo traffic is a huge business asset if your approach is value first.

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