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A Fan Page, and Why You Need One

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Do you use Facebook? If so, have you created a fan page? A fan page is something you should consider doing right away if you don’t already have one.

Here’s why as of the second quarter of 2018, there were 2.23 billion monthly users on the Facebook platform.

Since the number of users is so high, it’s crucial for you to use fan pages and Facebook video.

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Using this same method that Tony is sharing today, he was able to grow his audience to over 15 million fans.

He has multiple fan pages, and as a result of using these strategies, he’s earned millions of dollars.

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Facebook Advertising Pixel

Facebook is important, but don’t overlook other great options. A great advertising campaign includes a series of different advertising campaigns.

Before you start driving traffic, be sure to grab and place your Facebook pixel in your ads area before driving traffic to your landing page.

You can create and find your pixel in your advertising account on Facebook. This will help you be more successful in your advertising programs, and consequently show a profit quicker.

Fun Facts About Facebook

Here are a few fun facts about Facebook. See how many of these facts you already know.

 –Peter Thiel, the Co-founder of PayPal was a first major investor.

–Ever wonder why Facebook’s color is primarily blue? Mark Zuckerberg is colorblind he suffers from red/green colorblindness. Therefore, the main color choice for Facebook is blue.

–The growth of Facebook is crazy, eight new users join every second. That adds up to 480 a minute!

–Every minute that Facebook is offline or the site is down it costs them $24,420 in lost revenue!


These statistics are from WordStream. How many of the facts did you know?

Facebook’s Financial Impact

As a result of Facebook’s financial impact it’s important that your business has a presence there.

Who’s Using Facebook

The top countries using Facebook are India, and the United States. Then, next are Brazil and Indonesia.

Facebook has become a behemoth, it’s huge. Since the traffic volume is high, I think it’s important that you represent your business on Facebook.

Correctly executed a Facebook fan page can boost your sales. Your sales could skyrocket to levels you never thought possible. But, keep in mind a fan page if only one form of online advertising.

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