FourPercent Reviews

FourPercent Reviews

At the bottom of this page are honest reviews of the FourPercent Challenge Reviews from Trustpilot. If you’re not familiar with Trustpilot, they require you to verify your reviews before they post. As a result, all reviews are honest and sincere.

A company like FourPercent cannot change a review. Good or bad. Therefore once someone posts the company for which they are posting cannot make any edits.

As a result, the reviews are genuine and real. I’ve posted a few of the reviews below. Read through some of them and see for yourself what people are saying about the FourPercent Company and in addition, their product the FourPercent Challenge.

FourPercent Challenge Review
Daily Success Pill of the FourPercent Challenge

My FourPercent Challenge Review

A Solid Foundation

Likewise, I’ve been taking the challenge too. I’m currently in session 17, and the training is fantastic. I’m creating a solid foundation, not to mention beginning to see my sales grow.

FourPercent Challenge

My FourPercent Challenge Review

Three Main Sections

FourPercent Challenge Reviews

The Challenge is divided into three main sections. In like manner, each of the three parts is broken down into thirty sessions.

The first set of thirty sessions is designed to take anyone, even a beginner from zero dollars a month to $10,000 a month in sales. Provided that, you follow the challenge. Furthermore, understand this is a real step by step million dollar training series.

The second section in the FourPercent Challenge is also subdivided and designed to 10X the first session in terms of sales. By the end of the second set, you should be at $100,000 in sales.

And, finally, the third session, designed to 10X again to $1,000,000 in sales.

FourPercent Challenge Review
Alaska Glacier

20% Technical and 80% Faith

I’m sure you’ve heard that only 20% of a glacier is visible, while the other 80% of a glacier is not visible. In like manner, one of the main lessons I’m learning in the FourPercent Challenge is the fact that only 20% of our successes and our failures are based on our technical skills. And, by the same token, the other 80% of our successes and our failures are based on our beliefs.

This phenomenon is a big part of the education included in the challenge. Each day in the daily success pill training there’s a video by someone who’s gone from rags to riches to point out the power of this lesson.

ClickFunnels-Autoresponders-WordPress-Tracking Codes

So far in “The FourPercent Challenge,” I’m achieving success in these essential areas by following step by step training videos. The videos are super easy to follow, you can stop and start them, and watch them over and over.

  • ClickFunnels – It’s a platform of landing pages. Landing pages also called sales funnels are a tool for capturing customer information.
  • Autoresponders – They’re for sharing value, education and offers to your prospects, and another key point is this is automatic.
  • WordPress – WordPress is the platform I use for my website or blog. It’s my home on the internet. As a result of optimizing SEO I’m generating organic traffic.
  • I have all my tracking codes up and running. Equally important as traffic, is understanding where it’s coming from. I use Clickmagick for this and therefore track each of my campaigns to see which of my traffic sources are best. It’s important to realize the significance of tracking the of your campaigns.

Your FourPercent Challenge Starts Here!

Here are some nuggets from the Trustpilot reviews.

  • Learning a new strategy every day.
  • Mastering traffic.
  • People that support each other in the FourPercent Challenge.
  • Trust.
  • Best products on the internet.
  • Very professional.
  • Everything… here.
  • The company is absolutely amazing.

Imagination is Everything

It’s a Preview of Your Future

Read each of the FourPercent Challenge Reviews below.

“The community is outstanding. You get real help from real people that support each other be becoming excellent in marketing…”

From FourPercent Challenge Reviews on Trustpilot.

“I trust this company, the products and the leadership without question. I can not be more impressed…”

FourPercent Challenge Review

“This company is absolutely amazing…”

“action steps, tools, and even the psychology…”

“The vision of the company is amazing…”

FourPercent Review

In light of these reviews, I hope you’ll give the challenge a try.