Goal Setting

Goal Setting

How to Develop Your Goals

Start by defining your long-term goals. For example, your 2019 year-end business goal could be earning $25K a month on autopilot.

By 2020 your plan could be to double that to $50K a month on autopilot.

People with defined goals are 10X more successful.

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Define Your Goals

Now that You’ve clearly defined your goals, you can lay out a plan to achieve them.

goal setting
  • You might plan to achieve these goals, by expressly helping other people work online.
  • Then again you might promote products that give people financial freedom.
  • Your products will be in high demand and offer a high commission.
  • And finally, your products will offer multiple streams of income to your customers.

Now, you’ve set your goals, and you’ve set out what your basic plan is to achieve them. So, let’s break this down into a product and a project.

  • Do your research and find a product that you love, a product you’d be proud to sell to my mother or grandmother. (That’s a great criterion to start from.) As a result of working with this consideration in mind, your products should be well received.
  • Your product should solve a problem or help people in some way, for example earning a living online. It could offer them financial freedom, pay them a high commission, and provide them MSI’s, in order to build a sustainable business.
  • You should offer free quality training products.

Break Down Goal Setting Details

Now, figure out how many sales, you need to earn your goal income of $25K or whatever your goal dollar amount.

The first time you break it down like this you might be a bit shocked by how few people you need to achieve your objectives. As a result of doing this exercise, you’ll realize that your goal is achievable, and you’ll become more and more excited about making it happen.

These numbers are estimates based on my product. Yours’s will be different. You’ll need to do your research and find a product or business you want to promote.Then considering your income potential break down the detailsand decipher how many sales you’ll need to earn your goal.

I develop my long-term strategies and goals like this on a constant and continuing basis. Every day when I get out of bed, the first thing I do is rewrite my them. Every night before I go to bed, I go over mine in my mind, your products should be well received.

By doing these exercises daily, I embed the image of mysuccessful result into the recesses of my subconscious mind. Then, mysubconscious mind can be working on aligning all the right people and placesfor me to achieve these goals.

The program I use and promote offers all of these attributes it’s called FourPercent Challenge. It’s not difficult, on the contrary, it teaches ordinary people, even beginners to go from zero dollars a month to $10K a month and more. Here’s my link if you’re interested. CLICK HERE!

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