Guided by Your Mind

Guided By Your Mind

This book offers an easy to understand explanation of how the mind works. It explains the two parts of the mind and how they work to achieve goals. The two parts are listed here.

  • The Conscious Mind
  • The Unconscious Mind

Each of these parts of the human mind has very distinct characteristics and very different jobs as you’ll learn.





The Conscious Mind

Your conscious mind is your thinking mind. It analyses the things in your world.

The Unconscious Mind

This part of your mind is amazing. The unconscious mind cannot think or analysis anything whatsoever. Its sole purpose is to carry out the tasks that you request. The thoughts you think, and the emotions you send to your unconscious mind are the commands it will strive to achieve.

Since the unconscious mind cannot analyze or reason, it also cannot tell the difference between a “real” event and an event that you imagine. That means if you want to weigh 135 pounds, then, your goal is to convince your unconscious mind that this is fact, as a result, it will work until that task is accomplished.

Maybe money is your goal, tell your unconscious mind that you’re earning $25K a month and it’ll get to work making that happen.

An Infant

When you were born, the conscious mind was not developed and didn’t develop until the age of seven or eight.  The unconscious mind, however, was hard at work, very hard at work. This part of your mind was absorbing information like language, and it was absorbing the emotions and feelings of the people in your environment.

In the process of absorbing all this information around you, you also consumed many paradigms. These paradigms guide your mind even today! Your paradigms are creating the success and failure you’re experiencing in your life. Jump over to my ebook page and grab a copy of Guided By Your Mind, and learn how you can achieve your goals.

To Your Success,