hit a brick wall

Have You Hit A Brick Wall?

Have you hit a brick wall, because many people do? For most of them, unfortunately, it all boils down to fear.

Have You Hit A Brick Wall
Have You Hit A Brick Wall


–Fear of failure

–Of leaving the security of 9-5

–Fear of the unknown

–Afraid what others will say

–Fear of success! (sounds crazy right?)

The truth is that the cards so to speak, remain stacked in your favor. Do you know that we humans are supposed to thrive and that we’re expected to? And to that end, our creator created us that way.

Think for a moment of a new infant, and what he desires? He begins to look for food almost immediately after birth, and once he gets that, he’s satisfied. But, then after a few weeks, he wants more. Next, he wants to move around and roll over.  He accomplishes this because it’s his desire, all is well and good now, right? Wrong.

After a few more weeks, maybe a month or so his next desire is to get up on his hands and knees. Then he works at crawling because more, and more is his nature. Then he begins to learn to walk and talk. And, the next thing you know you can’t keep up with him because he’s never satisfied.

Magic In Your Mind


Magic In Your Mind

Inborn Desire

He never hits a brick wall, he never quits like adults often do, because his inborn desire is still strong. As he continues to grow, he, therefore, continues to want more, and that’s the plan for the human race. That’s also the plan for YOU. It always was right from the start for you to desire more.

God created you, to grow, and achieve success. You’re naturally inclined to create, invent and make new things. Your desire for growth is in your genes.

Your desire and ability to accomplish anything you can imagine is a result of being masterfully created.

Desire and success are hard-wired into you at creation. To be truly happy deep down in your gut you need to follow those desires and interests. You CAN achieve anything. Think of all the success you’re lifetime successes. At birth, you had high hopes and faith, and because of that, you decided to come into this world naked, hungry and utterly helpless.

Look at how you’ve grown and achieved a million successes. What’s next on your list of achievement to tackle?

Nothing is too substantial for you. The resources are available today; you can achieve anything you can believe.

Google and YouTube

Google and YouTube know how to do EVERYTHING! When you stumble upon a question of any sort in your online ventures or feel like you’re about to hit a brick wall, merely jump onto Google or YouTube and ask how to accomplish the task. And BAM there’s the answer usually two or three.

There are no excuses for not knowing the answers to something, and once you begin anything, the answers on how to do that thing will present themselves to you. “Ask, and you shall receive.” “Seek, and ye shall find.” A truly accurate statement.

The only way to break through your fear, through your brick wall is to start. There are so many ways to make money online it’s staggering. Think about what your interest is. What do you love doing? Find a way to monetize the things you enjoy, and your life will be complete!

I work online and am creating multiple streams of income. You can do the same. If you’re looking for some ideas, send me an email about what your interests are. Tell me the kind of investment you intend to make regarding time and money, and I’ll help you out with a few ideas.

Here’s my contact email. renierutten@gmail.com

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