How to Make More Money in Less Time

This is how to make more money in less time.

  • Education is key. Learn the tools needed to succeed
  • Start
  • Focus
  • Spend less on your original investment

Get Educated

It doesn’t matter if you’re a college professor or a high school drop out. Anyone can learn to make money online by getting educated in the field.

Working online is not taught in school. Being successful on your own is not taught in school. At least it wasn’t when I was in school. In light of that, we were taught to “get a job,” and for that reason, that was the mindset of my generation.

Educate yourself on the tools needed to get started online. You do need tools, but don’t start buying everything that shines, because it’s not necessary. You need two to three tools to get started. Not any more for starters!

#1 Clickfunnels
#2 An Autoresponder
#3 Tracking Software


The Tools

#1 Clickfunnels

I recommend everyone start with Clickfunnels. It’s the best lead capture program out there and much more effective than a website.
Get it here.



An autoresponder is your #2 most important tool. This is how you’ll deliver free products to your clients. It’s also your marketing too.

You’ll create emails that are automatically sent to your list each day, week, whatever schedule you decide. Leading with free quality information and value. Then occassionally you’ll be sending them an offer.

Email marketing is the BEST! I use GetResponse.


Tracking Software

Honestly this could wait just a bit if you’re planning on starting out slow. This software will track your advertising links and tell you the results you’re getting from your ads.

If you’re starting out slow and just placing ads one at a time, then this could wait. BUT, it’s tool #3 for sure. The minute you can afford to start tracking your progress, go for it.

By doing so you’ll know where you invested advertising dollars are working and where they are NOT! I use and recommend BuildRedirects from the PWA Program.
PWA is $7.00 a month start here!

how to make more money in less time


That might sound like silly advice, but if you want to make money online, then you need to start.

I’m a lucky person, (If you believe it luck). I win things all the time, I make sales, I’m making new contacts etc. But, I’m not sitting on the couch waiting for it to happen.
I’m outhere online working at it



Focus on one niche all accross your platforms. Promoting clothing one day, automobiles the next and camping equipment the next will only CONFUSE your audience.


Spend Less

There’s lots of shiny objects on the internet, in terms of opportunities and products to buy!
Pace yourself and remember, you only need the three programs listed above to get started. Once you get going you can add additional streams of income and tools to advance. But, for starters, focus and spend less.

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