Traffic – How to Steal Web Traffic in Insane Amounts

Traffic to your website is the end goal of this post. You’ll learn strategies to generate traffic that increases exponentially, and scales until it becomes a “live” functioning machine that runs in full force on its own.

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Sources Are Not All Created Equal

  • Cold
  • Warm
  • Hot/Internal

There’s a lot to say about traffic, but we’ll start with the basics, and this will give you a great overview of the value of the traffic you want to drive to your site.

  • Cold is visitors that you might get from an ad. It’s someone who doesn’t know you at all but has seen your advertisement or (creative), and it sparked enough interest that they clicked on it to investigate. This is the least valuable traffic.
  • An example of Warm is; say, visitors that you buy from a solo provider. When you buy from a solo provider, that provider is sending traffic to you that is in your niche. For example, if you’re in the health field, a provider would send traffic to you from people who’ve already shown interest or perhaps have purchased items before in the health niche. Warm makes for better and conversions and monetization than cold.
  • Hot Internal traffic is your list of people who’ve joined your mailing list. Your list nurtured correctly, is the most valuable for monetization; because they’ve already shown interest in you individually and your product or service. Your goal is to build an internal list from the external traffic you generate.

What to do BEFORE You Generate Traffic

Since your internal is the most valuable to you, your goal is to create as much of this type as possible. To develop and monetize this traffic, you must capture the email address (at a minimum of your prospects.)  If you can get first names too, that’s even better, then you can personalize your email.s

An email list nurtured correctly should earn you $1.00 month, per name. If your list contains 100 people, your monthly income should be about $100, but if your list is 3,500, then your monthly income should be around $3,500.

Build the Funnel First, Drive Visitors Second

As a result of building a funnel first and capturing every email, you’re getting the very best value out of your list. There is a learning curve to funnel building, and that’s why if you’re new to funnels, I’ll build your three-page funnel for FREE. Here’s is what you’ll get.

  • Lead page – this is the page that captures your customer email information.
  • A sales page – here is where you can pitch your product or service and collect payment.
  • Thank you page – thank your customer and deliver the goods.

All you’ll need to do is click and drop a couple of pieces of information, and I’ll help you with that. Then, you’re ready to start promoting and sharing your product with ads and social media. Buying or using free traffic methods.

Traffic Sources


  • Facebook offers free traffic and virality simply by using your page and getting people to share your posts.
  • Also, by posting regularly, Facebook will show your posts more often in the feeds. The more engagement your posts get, the more Facebook will show your posts.
  • Facebook also offers paid ads.


  • YouTube is another fantastic free traffic source. The thing that makes YouTube so powerful is that people come to YouTube with the intent of watching a video. When they come with a purpose, they are much more likely to engage.
  • Moreover, again, YouTube also offers paid traffic if you so choose.


  • Pinterest also offers free and paid traffic, and like other social media sites, it’s free to join.
  • Get on Pinterest group boards for much higher exposure.
  • If you’re new to Pinterest, you may have only a few followers; however, if you join a group board with 50,000 followers, your pin could get fantastic exposure and generate tons of free traffic.
  • Pinterest is all about sharing and reposting pins; that makes it a perfect platform to generate web traffic.

Paid Solo Ads

  •  If you have the funds for paid ads, then solo ads are a great place to start.
  • There’s virtually NO LEARNING curve with solo ads, and as a result, you can have traffic in your niche coming to your site with hours. I use Udimi often, and I can buy minimal amounts of clicks and try out different ads very inexpensively. You can check them out here.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

  • Excellent SEO is the result of using the right keywords, slug, headings, and descriptions, together with tags, and other tactics to drive organic traffic to your site.
  • Good SEO is very valuable, and it’s completely free. However, it takes a TON of time. Use it on all your pages, blogs, funnels, etc. but don’t depend solely on it, or you might grow old before your traffic starts to flow.

Internal Traffic

  • Internal traffic is monetizing your email list; this is essential if you want to earn excellent money online.
  • Most people need to be contacted several times before they will buy. By collecting emails and marketing to your list, you can make significant amounts of money.
  • Without a list, you’ll make a sale here and there, but you’ll never grow a successful online business without an email list.

Most Important

Set up your lead capture before you drive traffic. Email me, if you’re new to capture pages, I’ll set it up for you, of course, you’ll have to do a few drop and drag clicks to add your affiliate links. (This is how you make money.) I ‘ll be glad to help with that also. After everything is set up, tested, and working correctly, start driving traffic.

Trying to master all the sources mentioned at once will drive you super crazy after about a day. I recommend you start with one. MASTER IT. Become an expert, know the source and its tricks inside and out before you start another. If you’re a master, you don’t need a bunch of ways to get traffic. Pick a form you enjoy and want to master and start there.

Scale Your Traffic Into a Money Machine

Now that you’ve MASTERED the traffic source you enjoy, it’s time to scale. Scaling your traffic is the easy part, and of course, the most fun. Which ever traffic sources you’ve decided to MASTER, increase that traffic as your income increases. I heard companies say they have a $500 budget per month on traffic. I disagree with this statement.

First, if you’re not making any money on the traffic then $500 is too much. If you’re doubling your money, then increase that $500, and watch your income increase exponentially. No amount is too much.

Monetize Your List of Internal Traffic

To learn about monetizing your list, read this post. Because, if you can’t monetize your internal traffic, it’s of no value to you.

To Your Success,


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