multiple streams of income

Earn Multiple Streams of Income

Creating Multiple Streams of Income

Earn multiple streams of income it’s your key to financial freedom. Of course, I’m not talking about numerous jobs pulling you in different directions. I’m also, not speaking of so many irons in the fire that you meet yourself coming and going.

Is Affiliate Marketing The Answer?

Yes, it could be if you know what you’re doing. However, if you don’t know the tactics pulled by some companies, you won’t be able to earn multiple streams of income. In reality, you’ll lose everything you invest.

This is how most affiliate companies work…

You make a sale, you earn a commission, and you’re done.

This is how many companies work.

Here’s what happens behind the scenes. The company you are working for collects the contact information of your customer without you realizing it. Then, they market to them, and you get nothing. As a matter of fact, they offer them high tickets items and make thousands of dollars, and again, you get nothing.

They are the ones earning multiple streams of income from your customer.

This is how many companies work.

These Three Companies are Different

First, I’ll list them for you; then I’ll explain how each one works. The cost to get in and the tools needed to become a successful affiliate, and earn multiple streams of income.

multiple streams of income

MY Top Three BEST Companies Online

  • The FourPercent
  • ClickFunnels
  • Morrison Publishing

The FourPercent

The FourPercent offers an affiliate marketing training program. It’s the most comprehensive program online for affiliate marketers to learn how to earn multiple streams of income. By all means you check their reviews here.

As of this print, they have over 200,000 students going through the program which is designed to take anyone, even a beginner from zero to $10K. In the long run the challenge will 10X this to $100K and finally multiply it again to $1,000,000.

There are no guarantees, of course, we don’t know what your work ethic is and how hungry to are to achieve these levels. But, we can tell you this. Affiliates are hitting these goals every day by using their ecosystem platform to earn multiple streams of income.

The FourPercent offers an affiliate program for their products if you desire to promote them. There is no cost for the affiliate program if you’re part of the challenge. They have free products, low ticket items, high ticket items, and also recurring income items.

They offer a complete ecosystem. This means once you make a sale, that customer is always your customer. Whenever that customer returns and buys again you get the commission.

The FourPercent will even market to your customers, and you still get the commissions helping you earn multiple streams of income. The cost the join the challenge is $49.00 a month. You’ll also have the option to purchase a lifetime membership at a tremendous discount.


ClickFunnels is a landing page program. It’s the best value landing page program available today, and even so, they are adding additional features consistently.

The integrate with all the major online marketing programs needed to run a profitable online business. Here are some examples:

  • They integrate with a variety of autoresponders.
  • Online stores.
  • Payment Gateways.
  • Google Sheets
  • Infushion Soft and nearly 100 others.

ClickFunnels is similar to the FourPercent in its commission structure offering an ecosystem and the opportunity to earn multiple streams of income. Once you make a sale, that customer is always your customer. And, they too will continue to advertise ClickFunnels. When another sale is made, you get the commissions.

They offer an affiliate program and training absolutely free, it’s a great place to start if money is tight. You can join below.

Morrison Publishing

Morrison Publishing offers a full-line of educational programs. Many of their programs are high ticket items. It’s important to realize they don’t accept everyone who applies.

The cost to join their affiliate program is $1,497.00 as of this printing. By making just three sales you’ll earn your investment back.

Three In One

My top pick for beginners is the FourPercent Challenge. Their training is so comprehensive and Vic the owner works very hard to help each of his students succeed.

The challenge works with both ClickFunnels and also with Morrison Publishing giving you an unbelieveable opportunity to earn multiple streams of income.

This is a winning trio and consequently it’s your chance to start an impressive online business and break through to financial freedom. Imagine never worrying about money again. Above all, you’ll have the freedom to live a life that you can truly enjoy.

The 80/20 Rule

I’m sure you’ve heard this term before. It’s used often in references like these:

  • 80% of the work in a business is done by 20% of the people.
  • 20% of your efforts, create 80% of your results.
  • 80% of your success is mental, and only 20% technical skills.

The FourPercent Challenge takes this 80/20 rule very seriously and as a result they spend a great deal of time teaching the mental aspect of success.

I’ve been online for a number of years, and I’ve never been involved with a company that addresses this most important issue, and how it relates to creating multiple streams of income.

Each and every lesson within the Challenge includes a section on this subject. With this in mind, you’ll hear Earl Nightingale, Steve Harvey, and many, many more tell they stories. How they went from rags to riches and how you can too, by building multiple streams of income.

To Your Success,


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