Niche, How to Choose

Deciding on the right one is a tough decision and something to ponder. Because, the first thing to remember is even though some might think a niche is tiny it can still be extremely profitable.

I believe the best niche is one you are passionate about, and enjoy. It’s a niche you are interested in, and therefore one you want to share with others. And, in fact, you enjoy being a part of the group of people with like interests.


The word niche in this scenario means to narrow your focus to a small group. Consider these examples when choosing yours.

  • Sewing is too broad, consider sewing wedding dresses.
  • Hunting is too broad; a better choice might be bow hunting.
  • Cooking again is too large, but cooking on the grill could be a good choice.
  • Making money online is very broad, and should be broken down into smaller niches. For example here are a few to consider; affiliate marketing, blogging, education, product creation, virtual assistant, online store, and the list is endless.
  • Health and fitness; like making money online; are too comprehensive and likewise should be broken down into a smaller focus.

I do affiliate marketing in the educational field. My products teach people, even beginners on how to make money online, explicitly selling other peoples products. The program and products are of extremely high quality, and to emphasize the educational training is like nothing else available today.

With help choosing a niche, you might try this; list ten things that interest you. Then look your list over and eliminate just one. The one that you think is the poorest fit. Then do that again and again until you’ve decided on your niche.

Another thought to consider when deciding on the companies you’ll work with is this. Do they offer multiple streams of income and two tier affiliate income in your niche?

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