Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Is it the way to go?

Yes, absolutely! Advertising online, and solo ads are your best traffic solutions. But, keep in mind advertising online doesn’t have to be PAID advertising.

I do some paid advertising just to speed things up. I can pay for clicks and get 1,000 clicks or 10,000 clicks and more in 24 hours.

However, one of my favorite ways of advertising free is using the power of Pinterest. Pinterest has options to promote pins at a cost, but using Pinterest free is a great way to push traffic to your website.

Check out this post of free resources, including Facebook and other social media outlets.

Online Advertising is All About Traffic

Traffic Stats

  • Google receives 3.5 billion searches a day.
  • Pinterest receives 2 billion searches a month
  • In contrast the Yellow Pages, most of us aren’t even getting them delivered to our doors anymore.
  • However, ONLINE advertising through the Yellow Pages receives 80 million visits a month.
  • There are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook.
  • And 1 million users, use Instagram each month.
  • Solo ads offer unlimited fast traffic.
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Google searches are a crazy 40 thousand per second. Can you even imagine that? It’s hard, that’s a lot of searches, and for that reason your business needs to be on Google.

Pinterest and Social Media

The main reason I love online advertising with Pinterest is the long shelf-life of pins. The life of social media posts is a serious consideration when deciding where to spend your time online.

The average life of a Pinterest pin is seven months, in contrast, Twitters Tweets are 7 minutes. Which would you choose?

Pinterest pins are evergreen, 80% of all pins are repins. I recommend you spend your free advertising time on creating and posting quality Pinterest pins. As a result, you should see more organic traffic coming to your blog.

Online Advertising

Our world has gone online; there’s no denying that reality when you look at these statistics. Jump in with your online advertising online in order to take advantage of the millions of internet users online every day.

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