Online Affiliate Marketing

Online Affiliate Marketing

Why Online Affiliate Marketing Works So Well For Me, And You Too

Renie Rutten

Renie Rutten, Owner (2014-present)

I think this is the easies way to earn money online. Here’s why:

  1. You can put yourself in the limelight as much or as little as you wish.
  2. With online affiliate marketing, the income is passive you can earn while you sleep and play.
  3. There is a wide range of products available to promote.
  4. You don’t HAVE to own a website.
  5. Even a blog is not a must HAVE.
  6. Companies pay recurring commissions.
  7. Companies pay unusually high commissions on high ticket items.
  8. You can do online affiliate marketing while traveling, on vacation or in retirement.
online affiliate marketing
Generate Your Wealth

Watch For These Items When Choosing A Company For Online Affilaite Marketing.

Watch for these items when choosing your niche, and the company you will promote.

  • A reputable company. If you’d sell their products to your grandma, they are good.
  • Do they offer recurring income? If so that’s awesome.
  • Make sure they offer more than one income, multiple streams of income is your ticket to a successfully sustainable income.
  • Are your cookies good for a lifetime, or do they last only a few days? Different companies cookies last a varying length of time. Know what you’re promoting when you start online affiliate marketing.
  • Look for a company that offers outstanding training.
  • I also recommend you promote higher ticket items. It takes the same effort to promote a smaller ticket item as it does a higher ticket item.
Free Video Presentation

Sometimes it can be difficult to start a new venture like this because most companies don’t want to work with new and upcoming starters. Many of them want affiliates with thousands of followers. However, you can easily join my company and the training key to your success below.

I hope these ideas help you understand there are vast differences between companies when looking into affiliate marketing for beginners. The company I work with in my business is the FourPercent. The FourPercent training called “The Challenge” find it here! 

It’s been designed as an affiliate marketing for beginners program.

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