Perfect Webinar

The Perfect Webinar

Webinars sell! We all know that, but they have to be designed very well. 

In the Beginning

Perfect Webinar

The first thing the perfect webinar should do is explain the purpose. You, or the moderator should tell the viewers from the very beginning what they can expect to learn.

If someone else is making your introduction, I suggest you write it for them. This is a great opportunity to make sure the points you want made are clear to your audience.

Relax and have fun. Get comfortable with the audience and talk from your heart, don’t try and be funny. We’ll leave that to the experts.

In the Middle

After explaining in brief what the audience will learn from the perfect webinar, explain each point in detail. In addition, give the benefits to your audience, not what you gained, but rather what problem you can solve for them.

If you’ve ever given a speech or told a story at the campfire, it’s the same format. Tell your audience what you summarized in your opening. Except, explain in detail with visuals, creatives, and graphs. In contrast to just speaking, visuals help to engage your audience.

Be specific about the PROBLEM you’re going to SOLVE for them in your perfect webinar! Be that traffic, or SEO, or whatever. Your audience doesn’t want to listen to you sell to them. They want you to solve their problems.

Savings You Can Believe In

The Ending of the Perfect Webinar

The ending of the perfect webinar summaries what you just told them. Then the final piece is opening up to a question and answer segment.

Regardless of the location and style of your perfect webinar you must have the ability to do the question and answer. And the final, possibly them most important piece is ASK for the sale.

perfect Webinar

Three Parts

These are the three basic parts to a fantastic webinar that will help you make multiple sales in a short period of time. Unlike a one on one sales presentation to a single customer. A webinar can reach thousands of people at once.

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