Remote Work

The fastest way to do remote work from your home as an entrepreneur is to start with affiliate marketing.

Immediately, Amazon’s affiliate program pops into your mind, simply because it’s well know.  Although this is true and might seem like an obvious choice, let’s delve into the details a bit first.

Every company who offers an affiliate program must make many decisions before going live with their offer.  Here are the two major decisions that have a significant effect on you as an affiliate. I want to focus this post on just these two.

Remote Work
Remote Work

Compare The Offers Before You Chose

ClickFunnels Cookies and Commissions

Cookies are a marking system that tracks a customer by a fantastic technical process. That process I won’t even begin to explain. However, I will explain to you how it affects you as an affiliate marketer.

Let’s say you’re going to remote work by marketing for ClickFunnels. You’ve created some great pins for a Pinterest or a blog post and you’ve sent visitors to ClickFunnels. You offered a free book, and some of those visitors accepted your free offer.

However, let’s assume they’re super busy and don’t have time to look around ClickFunnels right at the moment. In light of the fact that ClickFunnels has recorded a “sticky cookie” for these transactions, whenever that person goes back to ClickFunnels and buys a product, you get the 40% commissions.

Now, your person might go back to ClickFunnels for a week, a month, a year or many years from their first visit. If you’re still involved with ClickFunnels you get the 40% commissions. ClickFunnels also offers a tiered plan to help to grow your commissions quickly.

remote work
10X Your Sales

Remote Work As An Amazon Affiliate

As of this writing, Amazon offers up to 10% Commissions depending on your volume of referrals.

The “cookies” on Amazon fall under two categories. Cookies from a regular affiliate link only last 24 hours. Considering that people will view an item several times before they buy, 24 hours isn’t very long. If you’re blogging and marketing as an Amazon affiliate as your remote work, 24 hours is a very short span of time.

However, the second type of cookie is a unique link you can create that adds the customer’s product to their Amazon cart while going through your affiliate link. This particular type of cookie lasts 90 days, this is significantly longer, and worth your time and effort to do.

Benefits of Blogging

If writing is your passion, a blog is an excellent opportunity to express yourself. And you can earn money by sharing affiliate links. But, as you can see by just these two examples, each company has different offers. Make sure you understand all the benefits of each to you as an affiliate marketer before you plan to work with a company doing affiliate marketing as remote work.

If you blog, you’ll have a great time networking with other bloggers. You’ll make new friends and meet people from all around the world.

Blogging is fun, and it’s exciting to learn new skills. Learning doesn’t stop after we leave formal education, or at least it shouldn’t. Try and learn something new every day.

The most considerable benefit from blogging is the financial benefit. Once you’ve established your blog, it can reap significant financial rewards from the profits of affiliate marketing, placing ads on your sites and other opportunities that’ll come your way.

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