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Understanding Your Slug Website

Slug website is a strange opening, let me explain. There are different parts to each of your blogs. All elements are essential of course, but today let’s talk about your website slug. Your slug is your post URL. The URL is what Google shows in the search results. Therefore it’s an essential piece of your post.

Before you even begin to write your post you need to consider your slug. Your slug is the editable part of the www-blahblahblah-com.

I start with Google Ads and use their keyword planner. Now, I knew the subject of the post was about a website slug. Therefore, that is precisely what I put into the keyword planner. To my surprise, the planner came back with “slug website” with views ranging from 100 to 1K a month.

“Slug-web,” also appeared with views of 10 to 100. Obviously, I picked “slug-website” for my slug for this post because of the higher search count. This will be my slug and my main keyword.

When using SiteGround and WordPress, your title will automatically become your slug. For example, the title of this blog post is “Understanding Your Website Slug.” However, if you check out my site, you’ll see that I shortened it up to “slug-website.”

You want to filter out all the stop words. A list of stop words by Yoast is available following this link. Not only is this going to help your rankings, but you should also remove all unnecessary words. Drill down on the essential words needed. If you are interested in information on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can find great resources here on Amazon.

With SiteGround

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I mentioned earlier I use Google Ads keyword planner, here’s a link to the site. You can create an account and use the planner for free. I have purchased ads in the past, but a very limited quantity.

If you use the keyword planner to find great keywords, coupled with optimizing your slug, you’ll be off to a great start with your blog post. Next up, creating the best blog titles possible.

For information on traffic generation, check out my blog on Social Media.

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