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Standing Out On Social Media

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Standing out on social media can give you a good boost of traffic to your website, but with so many social sites where do you start?

I recommend you start slow. Posting to too many sites can become overwhelming and you could end up wasting a ton of time. This is a business strategy, so you need to be strategic about it. 

After you gain even a small following consider doing webinars. They are powerful selling tools, as you’ll see from this blog post.

Learn How to Start Standing Out On Social Media

I started with Pinterest and Facebook. Then moved to Instagram and YouTube. Be smart use tools and build on your efforts. I use Tailwind which is a scheduling tool to post to Pinterest and Instagram.

Using Tailwind I can create literally days, weeks, or even months’ worth of posts at a single sitting. I’ll set a time for creating social media posts then spend several hours just focusing on that. I schedule them through Tailwind and have Tailwind post a predetermined number each day, and at a specific time of day that I desire, and I’m done with that task for weeks!

Another really amazing thing about Tailwind is this, it will actually track the usage times of my followers and tells me the most optimal times to post. This means it’s posting for me when the largest number of my followers are online.

When creating images for social media consider these guidelines to get attention, get people engaged and get social media traction back to your site.

Use Irresistible Headlines That Get the Most Clicks

1.) Use irresistible headlines. I know many of us say we hate the tabloids and don’t actually buy them. But, when we’re standing in the grocery line we’re reading them. I Googled tabloid headline and found this list of funny headlines. I wouldn’t go quite this far, but maybe you can get some ideas from the tabloids and their dramatic headlines!

2.) Use plain text. The fancy text is often hard to read as people skim, so quickly. If your text is difficult to read your graphic might just get overlooked. So, use text that is easy to read at a glance.

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3.) Branding can help you with standing out on social media. Use the same type of text and similar color scheme. I use the colors and fonts from my website. When someone clicks on my graphic and land on my site it feels congruent to them. Like what they expected to see. After while people will know your pins at a glance and if you’ve been giving them good content they’ll be clicking on your site once again.

Learn How to Use a Weird Image As a Traffic Tactic

4.) Another tactic you can use is to create a weird or odd-looking image that creates curiosity. I’m sure you’ve heard someone say that something was so ugly it was cute. I have a sister who says that all the time.

5.) For repeat visitors give great content! If your visitors find content when they come to your site, they’ll be back again and again.

6.) Lastly, all aspects of traffic generation are your ticket to success. Learn how to create traffic on demand here.

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  • Avatar Ann Batten says:

    Hi Renie, Thanks for sharing these great tips. Posting on all the different Socia Media sites can take up such a lot of time so it’s good to have some help with a tool. I had not heard of Tailwind so will go take a look. Thanks again.

  • Avatar Kelsey Simon says:

    Great tips, Renie! Thank you for sharing these fabulous points on standing out on social media. I got so many great marketing ideas from reading your post. I will be using your advice to become a better social media marketer. Thanks again!

  • Avatar don says:

    Good tips Renie. I’ve recently been trying to grow my Instagram account using Hootsuite, but I’ll have to check out Tailwind!

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