How to Succeed 7 Habits of Financially Successful People

How to Succeed: 7 Habits to Generating True Financial Freedom

Will YOU Ever Become Wealthy? It’s Up to YOU!

Considering success people can generally be grouped into three basic categories described here.

  1. Wealthy people “make it happen.”
  2. While others stand by and simply “watch it happen.”
  3. The third ground of people stand in awe and “wonder” what just happened?

96% to 97% of people fall into the second and third groups. They truly want a better life, they do. But they can’t imagine or envision it. Success is an impossible dream and they never begin taking steps to improve their lives, because they can’t see it as a possibility.

Succeed; successful people

They Are Stuck

Only 3% to 4% of people are successful and will retire with true financial freedom.

A few others, just below the first group of people will live comfortably but will have to “be careful,” with money. They won’t have the freedom and independence true wealth brings.

The rest will likely never have the freedom to retire and enjoy life because, they will have watch each and every penny. Some will have to decide between life’s basic needs, like food, medication and heat.

Which group will you be in?

Success is Your Choice!

The most important and the most awesome thing you need to understand is this. “YOU GET TO CHOOSE.” You get to choose if you want to be successful and how to succeed. You get to choose which group you want to be in and which life you want to lead.

Creating a better way of life is your choice, and your responsibility.  Here are 7 tips to get you off on the right foot.

#1 Never Stop Learning

Each day when I entered my high school building, I read these words across the top of the doorway. “Creating Lifelong Learners.”

Back then I didn’t understand that was how people succeed. I couldn’t wait to get out of high school. But, the words “lifelong learning” is your number one key to true financial freedom. I found out after finishing high school that I loved learning; I simply didn’t enjoy high school.

Regardless of your profession, whether you choose to work by the hour or work for yourself, learning to be better, and providing more value is the key to earning more money.

Initially, you might think money is the most important thing. You’ll find out though that money is secondary to your growth, change, and self-worth. Your entire life will improve and you’ll learn, grow and develop more awareness at the possibilities the world provides.

#2 Take it FREE or INVEST

Free sounds amazing. But truth be told, when you PAY for something you are much more likely to use that thing.

So, invest in yourself. Take classes. Read. Master new skills, and keep learning. There are classes online to help you succeed, where you can learn everything you need to know on almost any subject that interests you. As a result of the internet, you can even learn to create your own financial freedom online without ever leaving your home.

If you’re serious about success and not just sitting on the couch waiting for it to fall into your lap, then you must invest in yourself.

#3 Become A Master And Learn How to Succeed

To become wealthy, become a MASTER at your “thing.” Successful people are masters of their craft, and it’s easier than you think to become one.

  • Do you create jewelry or other crafts? Make them the best, create new designs, and make high quality.
  • Are sales funnels your thing? Sales funnels is a field that is growing exponentially right now, and you can become a MASTER very quickly and generate wealth you never dreamed possible by creating sales funnels for businesses.
  • Expanding fields are seeking “masters,” in their areas. People who will go the extra mile to create extraordinary quality are in high demand.

#4 Set BIG Goals


If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, maybe you’ve that heard before? Can you imagine earning $10K a month, furthermore could you imagine earning $20K a month? Could you imagine turning your entire annual income into your regular monthly income? Successful people imagine BIG! They create big goals and clearly imagine the life that achieving them would mean.

Find a mentor, and as a result, increase your chance of success exponentially. Going it alone is VERY difficult and expensive. The right mentor will show you the way, provide you with the necessary tools, not only that but they’ll give you the moral support needed

Being involved with someone else, a group with a mentor helps raise your awareness to what’s possible. Working with others also help keep you accountable.

#5 Create Multiple Steams of Income


Creating Multiple Streams of Income (MSI) is How to Succeed.

When I speak of MSI’s it’s not working multiple jobs, it’s creating multiple steams of income that come to you passively. It’s doing a job once and watching the income flow income your account month after month, year after year.

The way I created MSI’s is by Partnering with Anthony. His program allowed me to start an online business for nearly nothing. Compared to starting a brick and mortar business, I was able to start online for a much smaller investment.

Anthony has created an ecosystem where I earn multiple streams of income monthly and once it’s up and running, I don’t have to do anything to earn this income. Recurring monthly income is a perfect example of MSI’s necessary to become financially free.

You could also create something of your own product, like a book, or a digital product. You could invent something completely new or improve something that already exists. That’s what Apple did with the iPhone, when you think about it. They improved something we already used in our society.

#6 Plant Success


Amazing things start happening when you start “planting success!”

If you haven’t read The Magic of Thinking Big, it’s a great book for learning how to succeed. Read it for continuing your learning. David Schwartz teaches that you can’t harvest unless you plant.

You’ll find as you start planting seeds and nourishing your mind new ideas and solutions on how to achieve, things, simply come to you. To clarify, solutions won’t come without first planting seeds.

Every single day write you goals, then rewrite them the next day. The power of the written word creates energy bringing solutions and your goals into fruition.

“As you sow, so shall you reap.” That is the simple fact in planting success, and a moto followed by all successful people. If you plant negativity, you’ll receive negativity. If you plant poverty and lack, you’ll receive poverty and lack.

However, plant ideas of multiple streams of income. Plant ideas of success. It’s important to realize as you nurture, water and feed these ideas your performance will improve and you’ll watch your multiple streams of income will begin to flow.

#7 Work with Insistence and Urgency


Your ability to focus and work on your important tasks each day will have a huge impact on your level of success. In the same fashion learning how to succeed is strongly related to your ability to focus, and your determination on not quitting too quickly.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the 80/20 rule.

  • 20% of people in a company do 80% of the work.
  • 20% of your success is a result of your mental attitude, while only 80% will be from learned technical skills.
  • AND: 20% of the tasks you do result in 80% of your income.

You’ll find you can apply this scenario to almost everything in life. Each day I’m continually asking myself if I’m working on the top 20% most important things in my business.

How to succeed; each day create a target, a goal of what you plan to accomplish. Label those items with the most important one on top. Then, start down the list. If you get interrupted, simply go back to your list as soon as possible. Continue on with this strategy while working each day, and you’ll be amazed at what a difference it’ll make in your life and in your success.

And One Last Word


Don’t focus on your financial gain. Successful people focus on doing the best at what they do and as a result financial success is drawn to them. If you design the most beautiful and unique jewelry available, you’ll make great money doing it. But, focus on the quality of your craft and the financial gain will follow.

If writing is your thing, as an illustration, if you write the very best book ever, you’ll be making sales, and the money will flow naturally.

If you want to build an affiliate marketing business as I did, focus with intention of helping others earn money, then you’ll make money too. Remember, give service first and you’ll reap the financial independence you desire.

To Your Success,


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