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Success: Why Most People Will Never Become Successful

Success or the lack of is a fascinating thing. Quoting Jim Rohn, “A lot of people don’t do well, simply because of the fact they major in minor things.”


Do you know people like that?

Are you like that?

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Sometimes it’s easy to get distracted and fill up your day doing minor things. Before you know it, the day is gone, and you’ve gained nothing in terms of moving toward your goals.

You do have goals, right?

What Is Success?

It’s different for everyone. For some it’s wealth, for others it’s spiritual growth.

Some describe it as having the freedom to live the RV lifestyle. While others want a three-story mansion with eight bedrooms, five bathrooms, a home theater and a man cave.

To clarify, you have to decide for yourself what success means to you. As an illustration, for most people success is a balance of financial, the spiritual and your physical being.

It Requires Action

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It’s important to realize that becoming successful is evoking change and creating growth within. Everything you do and everything you are is interconnected.

You can’t offer “low-quality” to the world and as a result, expect great success.

It doesn’t work that way.

You can’t go to the stove and expect heat without first putting in the wood or fuel.

You can’t go to the garden for fresh vegetables when you haven’t yet planted a seed.

Growing Your Financial Freedom

Here are three simple steps to creating more success in your life.

  1. Make a “to do’s list,” every night.
  2. Mark the top three most important things on that list.
  3. When your day starts, focus on the number one most important thing first. At times you’ll get pulled away. No worries. As soon as possible return immediately to the number one thing on your list.

Continue through your day working on the next most important item on your list. Crossing it off when complete.

You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you’ll become almost instantly. Productivity to a step toward success.

As a result of completing and crossing items off your list, your body will create endorphins. These endorphins will raise your level of consciousness, and make you feel amazing.

As a result of keeping this kind of to-do list, or task journal it has changed the entire direction of failing companies, turning them into thriving businesses.

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You Want It Now!

You can become successful too, you’re different. You’re here, you’re seeking, and this is where your successful life starts.

You’ve proven that by merely finding, and reading this post. Keep moving forward. Success takes time to manifest. In life, most things do not happen instantaneously. For example:

  • It’s nine months between conception and birth for humans.
  • A baby falls many times before learning to balance and walk.
  • After the farmer plants a seed, it’s months before harvest.
  • When you’re taking a 500 mile journey takes a certain amount of time.
  • Success too takes time to manifest in our lives.

Each day make your list for the next. Organize your list by what is MOST important. Start each day by working on those items first.

At the end of the day take a few minutes to review your day. Celebrate your successes and plan your most important tasks for tomorrow.

To Your Success,


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