the value of goals

The Value of Goals

The Value of Goals and Lists

The value of goals is a hot topic today. Some folks make a detailed daily listing of everything that they hope to achieve for the entire day. I used to do this, confession here, I’d even go back to my list and add things I’d done throughout the day for the sole purpose of being able to mark them off the list.

Making lists like this is perfect for you if you have a hard time focusing on tasks one at a time. The value of creating a daily task list helped a company owner who used it with his employees. He valued this simple idea at $25,000.00.

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I’ve gotten better at focusing on my daily tasks, so I don’t use a list like this any longer. However, having said that I certainly know the value of goals. For me the value of having goals is priceless. Long-term goals and short-term goals.

I create my goals by first focusing on what I want long-term. Then I work out the short-term goals. That might seem a little backward at first but let me explain it this way.

If you were planning a trip, wouldn’t you would decide where you were going before you packed up and took off? Your destination would be your long-term goal. For example, let’s say Alaska for a cruise like my husband and I did a few years ago. Once we decided on our long-term goal, Alaska. Then we decided on our short-term goals (our steps to get there.)


We needed to determine where we would board our plane, where we would board the boat, how far we’d cruise, how much land we wanted to see, etc. etc.

We didn’t start out thinking short term, drive to an airport and then decide what our next step would be. Do you see the value of goals, and determining your long-term goal first?

[I suggest you use the same type of planning process in making your long-term business goals. But, before you start planning, think about the following three criteria.
First, you want to do something you love.

Second, for me, the second thing was doing something to help others, since I love teaching computer software usage. That was the direction I went. You’ll have to decide which direction you want to go.

Third, what would be your financial goals?
From there I would work backward. What could you do to achieve these three long-term goals?

You might have noticed that “money” is listed last. That’s not by accident, you see, if you’re doing something you love that’s of value to others the money will be a by-product of your efforts.

Please do not start something only to “make money.” Do what you love, and the money will come.

My Goal Setting Vision
Bob Proctor gives many excellent examples of goal setting and visualization of your desired outcome. Here’s a goal card from Bob, you can copy and paste it to create your goal card. it out and keep it with you. Read it several times a day, and become emotionally involved in what you write on it. Set goals move toward them and change your life.

Now, let’s get back to our goals something I’ve always loved was teaching people how to use computers, how to build newsletters, sales funnels, affiliate marketing and the like, this filled the bill for my number one.
It also filled my bill for number two. I loved helping others.
So, I’m now on goal three. This last goal will be different for everyone some people want a side hustle of $500 or so extra a month. Some want a full-time income.

Here’s the formula I used to decide on a monthly income goal. I figured out what I wanted for take-home pay; then I worked my numbers backward like so.

$15,000.00 Monthly-My take-home goal.

My numbers would look like this:

$30,000.00 Business Income

$3,000.00 Charity

$9,000.00 Taxes

$3,000.00 Business Investment, Advertising, etc.

15,000.00 Monthly Take Home
The deductions
Charity Life is just better when I give generously to charity. I’ve tested it out and encourage you to do the same. If you don’t give generously try it for six months by giving away 10% of every dollar you make. I think you’ll be surprised by the generous increase in your income.
The end of quarter or year will come quickly make sure you’ve put away at least 30% of your profits for income taxes so you don’t have a massive tax bill you can’t pay. Business Investment
Use another 10% of your profits to grow your income continually.

One last piece of advice on the value of goals that I’ll pass onto you is this. Always, always work on creating MSI’s that’s multiple streams of income.

If you study the wealthiest people in the world, you’ll find two distinct characteristics.
First, they are NOT working for someone else for an hourly wage or even a set salary. Wealthy people are business owners and entrepreneurs.

Second, they have MSI’s.

To Your Success,


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