Two-Tier Affiliate Marketing

Two-tier affiliate marketing can give your profit margin a considerable boost with little extra effort. Affiliate marketing is when you agree to promote products for a company, like ClickFunnels,  and become a ClickFunnels affiliate. They pay you a small commission when someone makes a purchase, and you can build multiple streams of income.

two tier affiliate marketing

Two-tier affiliate marketing is when a company you are affiliate marketing for is willing to pay you a commission as well as anyone else you sign up to promote for them.

I’m very excited to be an affiliate marketer because I can work from home, and I can potentially make money day and night and every day of the week. I can, and do make money on Sunday when I’m off enjoying a golf game. By the same token, I make money while I’m sleeping. And, finally I make money while I’m on vacation or traveling.

Two Tier Affiliate Marketing

Might Look Like This

Tier (1) You.

You become a ClickFunnels Affiliate and get paid a 40% commission

On a $100 sale, you’d make a profit of $40

Tier (2) You & Your Signup

This is how two-tier affiliate marketing works, a person you’ve referred, as a ClickFunnels Affiliate

Generates a $100 sale, and they get a 40% commission and earn $40

But, since you promoted this person, you also get a

5% commission the same sale, and you make $5.00 from their sale.

Let’s Get Real

Let’s get real here folks. I’m not going to tell you that this is easy peasy and you can throw a few links at the wall, and the money will merely begin to pour in. No!

Both affiliate marketing and two-tier affiliate marketing are real businesses that take time to develop. But, the dividends it pays far outweigh the amount of money many, many people make working a full-time job trading their time for money.

It Can Grow Quickly

If done correctly the dividends will continue to grow and multiply. You’ll find more and more ideas for marketing will come to you. You’ll find more and more companies to market for creating more multiple streams of income.

The best part of affiliate marketing is this; when you retire from a typical job your income stops. Not so with an affiliate marketing business. The longer you work at the two companies I’m about the recommend, the more and more income you’ll earn while spending less and less time working.

They Are NOT MLM Schemes

Two tier affiliate marketing programs are NOT MLM schemes. MLM schemes generally do not have actual products. They promote people to promote people, and those at the top make a profit, while everyone else is left with nearly nothing.

Making Money on the Second Tier

Getting paid on two-tier affiliate marketing sound amazing. Just think if you had 100 2nd tier affiliates working for you, wouldn’t that be great?

Well, yes and no. The truth of the matter is 90% of people who start a business in affiliate marketing will never make a single sale. Only because they don’t put in the work. They want to harvest before they plant the seeds.

They don’t understand that affiliate marketing is a real business, and a real business requires an investment of time and finances. That’s just the truth.

No, it doesn’t have to be this way. It doesn’t matter if you promote a single or a two-tier affiliate marketing. Anyone with the desire can do this business with a little determination and a clear set goal of what level of success or income they want and when they want it.

Promote the Products in Two-Tier Affiliate Marketing

The best way to approach affiliate marketing and two-tier affiliate marketing is to promote the products first and foremost.

I’ve made a personal decision that I will only become an affiliate for companies whose products I own and use regularly. Owning and using the products you promote is not a requirement, but for me, I feel proud to promote products that I own.

I Promote Products I Use

When someone asks me about a product that I’m promoting I can quickly answer all their questions because by owning it myself I know the answers first hand.

Not everyone can own what they promote, at least not always right away. But if possible, I recommend that you do. It will give you far more credibility with potential customers and lead to greater success.

With two-tier affiliate marketing it will help you explain to your affiliates the benefits of the products they are promoting.

Promote the Products

I recommend to my second tier affiliates that they promote the products first. If sales are being made, then everyone is making money. If no sales are made, and everyone is just focusing on adding more and more affiliates, it’s impossible to grow and profit.

My Recommendations

There are two business/entrepreneur programs that I think are very powerful and can help anyone achieve the success of their dreams.


ClickFunnels is the leading company that provides sales funnels and marketing materials. They have an extensive range of products and prices. Affiliates can join at no cost and offer a number of free products to prospects. Clickfunnels is one of the companies who offer two-tier affiliate marketing.

Once the prospect accepts a free offer, that prospect is attached to you as a customer for a lifetime, ClickFunnels calls this “sticky cookies.” Sticky cookies is a means of flagging your prospect at your customer for life. Anytime your prospect decides he/she loves the free product and comes back to buy any other product; you get the commission!

In fact here is a link to a free book called DOTCOM Secrets, it’s the underground playbook for marketing and growing your business online.


The FourPercent is the leading training company available today for the development of entrepreneurs. They carry products on the upper level as far as price is concerned. Their products are worth it without a doubt, but just keep in mind the price level is on the higher side.

The FourPercent however, does not follow the two-tier affiliate marketing model. Instead they include an ecosystem with multiple streams of income.

Why these companies? First, both of these companies are highly respected and leaders in their field. They both provide opportunities for MSI’s. MSI’s is the acronym for multiple streams of income. And, they both offer two-tier affiliate plans. As your business builds; your second tier affiliates will begin to pay you great dividends.

If you want to be wealthy or financially secure, MSI’s are a must. If you put all your eggs in one basket and the bottom falls out of that basket, and this happens every day of the week, you’ll be back at zero.

But, if you have seven streams of income, and one falls through you’ll still have six income streams coming in. That’s how truly wealthy people work it out.

To Your Success


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