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Web traffic dream, or is it a nightmare? Do you dream of having traffic coming to your site day and night without continually struggling and searching for each visitor? Have you dreamed of having traffic like magic? Well, you’ve just found it! It’s called Internet Traffic Mastery.

The Language of Traffic

You’ll learn the language of traffic, yes, there’s a LANGUAGE! SEO, hashtags, banner ads, solo ads, 24 hour traffic media and on and on. But, it’s all explained in Internet Traffic Mastery for web traffic.

Three Levels of Web Traffic

  • Level #1 is fast traffic, for the purpose of attracting traffic to your site within 24-hours.
  • Level #2 is scaling traffic, as indicated in the image below. Comparatively to the ripple effect of tossing a stone into the water.
  • Level #3 Web traffic domination. In effect, spreading the ripple across the internet.
web traffic

Before You Start Driving Web Traffic

Have you noticed that if you show interest in something on the web, it appears again and again? As an illustration, you’ve looked at a vehicle, a pair of boots, or a household item, and suddenly you are seeing that image everywhere you go?

That phenomenon is called retargeting. Companies use this web traffic strategy to reintroduce you to the product you’ve recently searched or reviwed.

Ad Roll for Blog Traffic

Retargeting Traffic

The cost of retargeting is extremely inexpensive, maybe even CHEAP! That traffic can be purchased for pennies on the dollar. How they do this is by using a company by the name of 

Adroll is free to sign up. I would sign up for them before driving any traffic. Link up the website you plan to advertise, then when you’ve got some good leads, you can consider buying some ads through them.

Web traffic


Search engine optimization is another form of traffic. This is driving organic traffic to your site, by acquiring free traffic from Google, Bing and other search engines.

,SEO starts with your URL slug. By using a tool like Adwords to find excellent keywords, and using one of them as you slug is a perfect way to start a blog post. This post, for example, has two keywords. The main keyword and the URL slug are “web traffic,” the second keyword is web blog traffic.

According to Adwords these two terms receive between 1K and 100K searches each month. As a result I should get some good generic traffic to this page.

Internet Traffic Mastery

Other traffic programs tell you to click here and do this or that specific THING. But, this program is different it teaches you the resources to use. It educates you on how to research your niche and get traffic that is pre-framed for your offer.

Pre-framed means that the traffic has shown a specific interest in your niche. That they have previously taken steps to engage in similar offers and are actively looking for your material. Only Internet Traffic Mastery works like that!

Other programs tell you where to buy traffic, and that’s about it. That is level one traffic and great for starting. However, with that model what happens is you have to buy, again and again.

But, this ITM teaches you how to acquire traffic through all three levels of traffic discussed in the opening of this post.

Web Traffic and Resources in ITM

–Mass traffic sources you can tap into right now. Over 30!!!!

–3 Instant traffic pillars (Pillars to your success!)

–The formula for finding good traffic. Not just traffic, but quality converting traffic.

–Endless quality traffic (that’s awesome!)

–Learn how to multiply your efforts. (1 x 10) (10 x 10) (100 x 10) …

A Professional Salesman

A good salesperson will tell you that a customer most often needs to be approached as many as seven times before they will make a decision to proceed.

If you can’t get your offer in front of your prospect several times, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table. If you learn nothing else from this post, get your Adroll account started and your URL listed with them.

Before you leave check out this free traffic generation product.

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  • Avatar Tatyana says:

    Traffic is the LIFEBLOOD of any business of the business owner goes about it strategically. Great and valuable post!!!!

  • Avatar Sascha Grueb says:

    Thanks, Renie, for your effort to break down the importance of learning how to drive traffic and get in front of your prospect several times. I’m curious and excited to get my hands on ‘Mass Traafic Blueprint’.

  • For everyone reading this…. I’m a grateful customer of the Traffic Training Renie advises in her post. It’s pure GOLD and if you treat your business as a business, and you understand the value of TRAFFIC. You will invest in it, just like i did 😉

  • Avatar Renie Rutten says:

    I’m excited to Sascha! Can’t wait for this great product!

  • Avatar Kelsey Simon says:

    Your explanation regarding the value of acquiring traffic knowledge for business is very clear and enticing! The Mass Traffic Blueprint you discuss provides a clear path to traffic success. I really appreciate the benefits you share and the understanding you provide as to why I should do everything I can as an online entrepreneur to become skilled at generating traffic on my own outside of relying on outside vendors. Thanks for your post!

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